Gelato Messina‚Ěús New Marrickville HQ Brings the Chill and Thrill to Sydney Families

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Hey, all you sweet-toothed Sydney families, get ready for a treat-a-licious adventure! Gelato Messina has officially outdone themselves by whipping up an epic headquarters in Marrickville, and we're not just talking about a scoop or two. This Inner West store is like the Wonka Factory of gelato, and it's bound to get everyone screaming for ice cream!

Ready to dive into this gelato wonderland?

Nestled right next to the Factory Theatre, this dessert haven has been two years in the making, and boy, does it show. With 40 frosty flavours on the menu — 35 signature ones and a rotating cast of limited-edition stars — there's something to tickle everyone's taste buds. But wait, there's more! You'll also find eight scrumptious gelato cakes, thick shakes that'll give your straw a workout, farm-fresh Jersey milk, and a merch wall that'll have you repping Messina in style.

Scoop Dreams: Gelato Messina's tantalizing flavors ready to rock your taste buds!

Got a birthday bash coming up? Ditch the ol' Woolies mud cake and grab one of Messina HQ's Bavarian cream pies. They come in Iced Vovo, malt chocolate, lemon meringue, and tiramisu flavours. Talk about a party in your mouth! And if that's not enough, there's also take-home cookie dough and nostalgia-packed cookie pies in flavours like fairy bread, peanut butter and dulce, OG choc chip, and Messinatella. Can you say "yum"?

And Suprise, There's A Chocolate Shop Inside!

Chocoholic Heaven!

As if it couldn't get any cooler, this HQ doubles as a chocolate shop, showcasing a delectable range of Messina-made bars and blocks crafted from single-origin cocoa and cocoa butter from Ecuador and Peru. Chocolate aficionados, rejoice!

Before you waddle out with armfuls of heavenly desserts, be sure to take a peek at the production facility showcased behind floor-to-ceiling glass. Get an insider's view of the magic behind Messina's one-of-a-kind flavours and creations shipped off to stores across Sydney and Australia.

Gelato Messina's Marrickville HQ is located at 1–9 Rich Street, Marrickville, and it's open from noon till late, Monday through Sunday.

So grab your spoons and your loved ones, and get ready for a sweet escape like no other!

Find out more at the Gelato Messina's Marrickville Website.

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