New Funtastic Kids Play Centre Opens in Asquith

A new indoor play centre is music to parents ears, as it's no secret that things can get a little stale when you're eternally spinning the same playground circuit. 

Well, have we got some news for you—as a brand new Funtastic Kids has landed in Asquith, and we're all kinds of excited about it. 

Ball pits? Check. Slides aplenty? Check. Trampolines? Check. And that's just the start! Here's what you need to know about Funtastic Kids Asquith.

Funtastic Kids Asquith

Funtastic Kids
Funtastic Kids

This ultra-aesthetically pleasing play centre is absolutely fit to bursting with interactive and engaging ways for kids to play, learn and blow off some serious energy. Whether it's a rainy day and you're sheltering from the weather or you're simply wanting some hands-off play time for your kids, there is so much fun waiting to be had at Funtastic Kids! 

The epic facilities and captivating activities are designed to keep your children entertained for hours on end. Whether it's the excitement of the slides, interactive play zones, bouncy trampolines, ball pits, climbing structures, or even a carousel—there's something here for everyone to enjoy. 

For the youngest adventurers awaits a special toddler play area, tailored for those who are just learning to crawl or take their first wobbly steps. This area is thoughtfully enclosed with a soft barrier to ensure your little ones stay safe and sound. So parents, relax and enjoy the peace of mind as your children have a blast playing!

Kids Parties

Funtastic Kids offers a range of customisable party packages to suit your needs, including food, decorations, and themed options so all you have to do is turn up and bring the good vibes! For more information on parties, visit the website

Funtastic Kids Asquith Location and Opening Times

Funtastic Kids
Funtastic Kids 

Funtastic Kids is located at 4 Brennan Close, Asquith.

They're open 9 am - 5 pm, 7 days per week. 

To find out more, visit Funtastic Kids.

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