Four Different Families Put Wet❜n❜Wild Sydney To The Test

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We've always known that Wet’n’Wild Sydney makes a huge splash in the warmer months. With rides galore, cabanas for relaxing in the shade, great cafes, a Dinosaur Lagoon, and awesome events like the DJ Summer Sessions,  Dive’n’Movies, and the Showtime FMX Summer Slam, families are catered for perfectly.

ellaslist did a call-out for four family testers – families with kids of different ages to check out all the Wet’n’Wild action. They’ve shared their experiences to help you plan for your family day out!

Meet Our Slide-Tastic Testers

Emily: Mum to two kids, aged 3 and 6. 

Lisa: Mum to three kids, twins (3) and 5. 

Nicole: Mum to three kids, aged 2, 9 and 11. 

Nihal: Mum to two kids, aged 3 and 8. 


First Impressions Of The Park?

Nihal: "When we first entered the water park we were totally excited and overwhelmed. The park is enormous and I would recommend spending 5 minutes to familiarise yourself with the park map before getting there. Young kids are all too keen to jump into the first thing they see and time flies when you're having fun."

Lisa: "An exciting, buzzing atmosphere. Busy, but didn't feel crowded. Lots of people having fun."

Emily: "I was really excited as I had been wanting to go since it opened."



What Did The Young Kids Love?

Nihal: "My three year old absolutely loved the whirl pool in Wet'n'Wild Junior. He loved the gentle pull of the tide but was shallow enough for him to swim alongside us."

Nicole: "My 11 yr old loved the breakers, 9yr old, the Curler, and my 2 yr old loved the splash zone."

Lisa: "They all loved the mini water slides, the lazy lagoon and The Beach. The kids also really enjoyed Wet'n'Wild Junior. The splash park was great fun and they really enjoyed the mini slides. Their favourite rides were the 'kids-only' slides."


And The Big Kids (And Big Kids At Heart?)

Nihal: "The Half Pipe and Typhoon were our faves on the day. The drops and turns were enough to give the grown ups a rush, while the little ones get a real thrill. The T5 and Tantrum produced the biggest screams!"

Emily: "Double Bowlseye was the only adult one we were able to go on due to kid watching and queues. It was great, though!"


What Did You Think Of The Dinosaur Lagoon?

Nicole: "My kids really loved the interactive dinosaurs, a nice place to spend some time all together."

Nihal: "It's a great spot to relax, have a snack and take a break from the action. My older daughter enjoyed one round of the whirl pool but wanted to head over to the slides after that. Float tubes were in high demand but we were able to snag one for each member of the family."

Lisa: "The kids were fascinated with the animatronic dinosaurs and loved that they could roar and move."


How Well Does Wet'nWild Do The Beach?

Lisa: "The Beach was amazing - clear blue water, sand, beach chairs, large umbrellas and a variety of food options close by."

Nihal: The beach was incredible. We spent a few hours there because the kids couldn't get enough of the waves. The waves come on intermittently which is great. The kids can enjoy a swim while the waves are off and then jump and crash when the they're on. Unlike a real beach, the waves are predictable and we could find calmer areas for our younger child. We also enjoyed some lunch on the sand and the kids spent some time building castles."

Nicole: "I found it nice and shallow for the 2 yr old and the wave pool was really enjoyed by the older boys."



What Did You Think Of The Food?

Lisa: "We had delicious frozen yoghurt and soft-serve ice-creams at Sweet Treats. The kids loved that you could dispense the ice-cream themselves and add toppings."

Nihal: We indulged on some ice-cream and lollies. The kids enjoyed some frozen yoghurt with all the toppings!"



Final Words?

Lisa: "I thought the presence of life guards at the slides and the water lagoons were excellent."

Nihal: "I would definitely return because it was a memorable day for all of us. The kids had an incredible time and I'd like to do it all again. I would make it a once or twice a season kind of adventure though."

Nicole: "It was a great day out doing something you don't usually do with your family. The kids still talk about it!"