Forget Ooshies, Little Garden Is The Latest Craze!

  • Toddlers

It's safe to say that supermarket collectibles have caused somewhat of a stir here in Australia, with Coles Little Shop 2 minis and Woolworths Lion King Ooshies possessing eager mini shoppers and forcing parents to spend over their budget at the checkout. If you're not a fan of rewarding your little one with plastic toys every time you go to the supermarket, you're going to love Little Garden!

The rumour mill is rife that Coles Supermarkets Australia will be following in the footsteps of New Zealand supermarket chain New World with their own plant collectibles. The Little Garden range rewards mini shoppers with seedling packets when $40 or more is spent at the checkout. As you can imagine, the seedling collectibles took off with a very popular bang, with New World shoppers taking to Instagram to share how their adorable seedlings were sprouting. New World is the same chain that brought Little Shop to fruition, so we're crossing fingers that Coles Australia will pick this trend up too.

Image Source: New World

Australian shoppers are already giving the Little Garden a very big tick of approval as they feel planting and nurturing seedlings sends a very positive message of sustainability to children, as opposed to the impact of plastic Ooshies and other plastic promotions.

Do you think Little Garden will be better for the environment?