Financial changes: what families need to know

Along with exciting End of Financial Year Sales, stressful tax returns, blasting heaters and the hopeless task of keeping socks and slippers on your kids' feet, July is bringing significant financial changes.

With surging energy prices alongside new fees and regulations on everyone's minds, we've looked into which NSW rebates, vouchers and subsidies you and your family could qualify for, but you have to be quick. Many of these payments end on June 30th, so there's no better time to jump in. 

Aussies are rugging up as energy prices skyrocket. 

The Family Energy Rebate (NSW)

It's not news that energy prices are skyrocketing, with The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) passing on increases to the benchmark power price. From July, families in NSW could see their bills jump as high as 18.3 per cent.

Applications for the Family Energy Rebate are now open in NSW, with eligible energy account holders receiving a credit on an energy bill of up to $180. Applications close on June 30th, so follow up and apply now. 

Find out more and apply for The Family Energy Rebate

Gas Rebates (NSW)

Those who qualify will receive the rebate as a credit on each quarterly gas bill, up to $110/year. 

Find out which Gas Rebate you qualify for and apply.

There is some relief in sight with the introduction of more afforable childcare

More affordable childcare (Australia-wide)

Honestly, I have lost sleep over budgeting for childcare and that with just one child. Luckily there is some relief in sight for parents with more than one child in care.

Families across Australia with more than one child aged five years or younger will receive a higher Child Care Subsidy for second and subsequent children from July 1st.

Families may also qualify for back pay from Services Australia for any higher subsidy they were eligible for between March 7th and June 30th this year. 

Find out more about the increase in the Child Care Subsidy.

Creative Kids Vouchers and the Parents NSW Vouchers

Have you accessed your Creative Kids vouchers and Parents NSW Vouchers yet? 

There are over 4,000 Creative Kids providers where you can redeem your vouchers, despite some changes occurring to the program in January 2022.

While both the Creative Kids and Parents NSW Vouchers are still active until at least October 2022, we reccomend jumping in and getting involved before the upcoming school holidays. 

Remember, it's use them or lose them! 

Find out more and apply for your vouchers:

Parents NSW Vouchers.

Creative Kids Vouchers.

For more information, including the one-off cost of living tax offset being distributed from July 1st this year, head to the Australian Government's budget website.

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