Emma Memma Makes a Splash with Debut Retail Collection at BIG W!

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Australia's adored entertainer, Emma Memma, known for her captivating performances and heartfelt dedication to the Deaf community, is stepping into the retail world with an exclusive collection at BIG W.

Starting from 11 March, the Emma Memma collection will bring a splash of color, joy, and inclusivity into the wardrobes and homes of Australian families.

Emma Memma's Vibrant World Comes to BIG W

Emma memma big w
Emma Memma's Vibrant World Comes to BIG W


Exclusive to BIG W, the collection includes a delightful range of infant wear, toddler apparel, footwear, plush toys, and home accessories. Each piece is designed to ignite imagination and encourage expressive play, embodying Emma's passion for music, dance, and visual communication. 

The collection promises to be a hit with families, offering something special for the little ones. From whimsical designs to playful colors, Emma Memma's debut retail range captures the essence of childhood joy and adventure. It's more than just clothing and toys; it's an invitation for children to express themselves through movement, song, and sign language.

Emma Memma's tour is not just a series of appearances; it's a heartfelt celebration of community, creativity, and connection. Fans will have the unique opportunity to meet Emma Memma in person at various BIG W locations along the East Coast, from Victoria to Queensland. These meet-and-greets offer a chance for fans to engage directly with Emma, experiencing the joy and inclusivity that her brand promotes.

Special Appearance Schedule:

  • Victoria: The tour kicks off in Victoria, with stops at BIG W Doncaster on 12 March, BIG W Geelong on 13 March, and BIG W Southland on 14 March. Each event runs from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, offering morning fun for families and fans.

  • New South Wales: Emma Memma will then make her way to New South Wales, with appearances at BIG W Liverpool on 16 March and BIG W 17 Warringah Mall on March, maintaining the same morning schedule to delight fans.

  • Queensland: The tour concludes in Queensland, with Emma visiting BIG W Mt. Gravatt on 27 March and BIG W Chermside on 28 March. These events provide the final opportunities for Queensland fans to meet Emma and explore her new collection.

The Emma Memma collection and its launch tour underscore Emma's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and creative expression. We love your work, Emma! 

For more information on the collection and Emma's upcoming appearances, visit the Emma Memma website. 

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