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What once may have been considered a really good intention has now become somewhat of a necessity. Not only does having a hefty supply of fresh food help maintain healthy eating habits, but eating at home also saves us money, and isn’t that what families need right now?

In an age where the price of lettuce reached a staggering $10, I for one have developed a new appreciation for the value of the food I buy, and have had to be exceedingly more price-conscious in this post-pandemic era of escalating inflation and the sky-rocketing cost of living. It is not just a headline, it’s a reality. I am feeling the pinch of an ever-tightening hip pocket, and I know I am not the only one. Families across the country are looking for simple life hacks that can save them money and, especially in the lead-up to the festive season, every little bit counts.

So I was excited to get my hands on an innovative yet perfectly practical product that has taken something I use almost every day and transformed it into a food-saving, money-saving kitchen essential that defies time!

Reduce Waste and Save Money With USii Reusable Produce Bags
Minimising food wastage is what USii is all about.

Reduce Waste and Save Money With USii Reusable Produce Bags

Introducing USii

USii is an eco-conscious brand that is helping people improve their everyday life in an easy, effective way. They’ve taken an age-old problem and developed a winning solution. Their range of products is designed to prolong the life of perishable food, simultaneously maintaining its nutrition and freshness. While the immediate result is less food waste, an enormous feat in itself, there are also some seriously impressive knock-on effects: fewer trips to the supermarket, saving time and money, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Not Your Average Snap Lock Bag

USii has brought to life a small invention with big results!  They have created two different bags - each with unique targeted technology - that keep food fresher for longer, extending the consumption time and helping you (and the planet) stay healthy.

USii Produce bag
The USii Produce bag is designed to keep vegetables and fruits fresher for longer.


Usii Oxygen Bag
The USii Oxygen Bag for meat and dry foods keeps all the goodness locked inside.

The USii Produce Bag is designed specifically for fruits and veggies, extending the shelf life and retaining nutrients by preserving moisture, regulating airflow and acting as a force field against ripening and spoilage. Produce Bags are available in a Zipper Bag with an airtight seal and an open-ended Roll Bag.

The USii Oxygen Bag is for meat, and dry food like nuts, bread, cereal and coffee beans. It acts as a barrier to prevent oxygen from permeating through the food and packaging, retaining the flavour, locking in the nutrition and dispelling odours. These ‘anti-oxidation’ bags have performed a whopping 500 times better than other products on the market in lab tests. Impressive!

Putting USii To The Test

I am guilty of using bananas less for a daily snack and more for banana bread! I just can't always get through a whole bunch before they turn to mush.

Same story with carrots. My pet peeve is having a half-used bag of them that have withered, gone bendy and lost their crunch: beyond redemption. But sadly, I often struggle to use the whole lot before they get to that sorry state, and they end up in the bin. Shameful!

I also shop for school lunches once a week on a Sunday night. Needless to say, some of the fruit and veggies look as fatigued as I do by Friday.

So, I tried USii bags for a week to see if they made a difference. Straight away you can see why they are not like your average bag - they are super tough with an extra-strong zip-lock seal. Plus, they need little more effort than regular food storage bags for far superior results. No need to cut, wash, or even unpackage your food!

USii Produce Bags Bananas.
A healthy breakfast - or banana bread? We put USii to the ultimate test!


USii Produce Bags
Reducing waste one bag of carrots at a time!

I used a large produce bag for my hand of bananas and they stayed fresh and perfectly ripe for the entire week with minimal age spots developing. I also sealed up our lunch box staples including rockmelon and blueberries, both of which retained their peak goodness. The biggest relief however was the strawberries. The delicious morsels have a short shelf life at the best of times, however, the USii bag kept them plump, full and juicy for the entire week, as if we’d just bought them.

USii Produce Bags
Getting our school lunch box ready with an USii Produce Roll Bag.


USii Produce Bags
Perfect for on-the-go snacks like a handful of sweet cherry tomatoes.


Salad supplies all passed the USii test. Tomatoes stayed round and firm, just the way I like them, cucumbers didn’t wrinkle and shrivel and those pesky carrots are still super crispy. There has been noticeably less waste and so much more to snack on!

I packed a loaf of my favourite bread in a large oxygen bag, keeping its original packaging as instructed and expelling as much excess air as possible. The result? As promised, the bread remained soft, fresh and intact, still with its bakery aroma! This is such a money saver if you love a fancy loaf or need expensive gluten-free varieties, plus it saves it from being banished to the freezer within days.

USii Oxygen Bags Bread
Keep bread fresh and out of the freezer!

I was thrilled to have my USii bags on hand when my daughter made a batch of Halloween cookies. She put so much love and effort into them, albeit making far too many. Thankfully, I could extend their freshness in an oxygen bag that preserved their crumbly, buttery texture and I now have ongoing afternoon tea treats.

USii Oxygen Bags
My USii Oxygen Bag is keeping the Halloween spirit alive!

The verdict? No limp, dehydrated, discoloured veggies sitting at the bottom of the fridge drawer this week and no mouldy bread and stale biscuits in the pantry.

Unfortunately, there’s no banana bread this week either!

All USii products are washable, reusable and recyclable. They are also BPA free.

Find out more about how USii products work and try them for yourself at usii.com.au.

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