ellaslist Reviews: Oh Flossy‚Ěús New Range of Natural Lip Gloss

Like many, my kids love an accessory—whether they're carting around an entirely unnecessary bag, glittering head-to-toe in costume jewellery, or draped in a vibrantly-patterned scarf during the height of summer—it's safe to say they're always trying to 'elevate' their looks.

So when we had the option to try Oh Flossy's brand-new range of Kids Natural Lip Gloss, I knew Ms-4 and Mr-20-months would jump at the chance. Here's what we made of them.

Love at First Lick

Oh Flossy Natural Lipgloss
The tick of approval came from Ms-4 who very much considers the lip glosses to be in her 'palette'.

Before we get onto the actual lip glosses, can we just take a moment for the packaging? Ms-4 practically tore my arm off in a hurry to open her box, before excitedly enthusing that the colours match her meticulously curated (lowkey headache) tie-dye ensemble. Well, she was not wrong! The Oh Flossy Natural Lip Glosses are an aesthetic dream, and absolutely perfect for a gift. Inspired by a trip to the ice cream shop, the soft pastel tones of purple, pink and blue are nothing short of swoon-worthy!

Oh Flossy Natural Lipgloss
The joy of realising that the taste lives up to the visuals!

Coming in naturally sweet flavours of strawberry, grape and cotton candy, it's safe to say my two were hook, line and sinker—as soon as they worked out how to use them. Not only are they fun to play with and try on, but the Oh Flossy Natural Lip Glosses are also bursting with natural wax goodness, meaning they're a great option for barrier protection during the upcoming colder months (which is great news for Ms-4, who is very susceptible to dry, cracked lips during winter.)

Safe and Natural Ingredients

Made with natural ingredients, the Oh Flossy Natural Lip Glosses are non-toxic, vegan and low-allergen, making them a great choice for parents' peace of mind. Did we mention that they taste and smell delicious? So delicious in fact, Mr 20-months decided to experiment with putting the lip gloss up his nose, in his ear, and all over his face before working out that he could get a serious taste of sweetness by putting it on his lips.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss
Just working this whole lip gloss thing out...

I suppose it's called play makeup for a reason!

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss
Nailed it! My fruit-loving little man has been lapping up the sweet flavours ever since he worked out where to put his Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss! 

The Kids' Verdict 

My two loved playing around with the Oh Flossy Natural Lip Glosses—and they're sure to be a handy bit of kit to have up our sleeve should lips get dry and cracked as the weather gets colder. Plus with three lip glosses each, I'm sure they won't notice if one or two go missing and make their way into Mum's stash...

Mum Weighs In

Now I'm not here to say that we can't rely on a four and not-yet-two year old for the finer details on lip gloss formula, application and longevity, but I really think that we probably can't rely on a four and not-yet-two year old for the finer details on lip gloss formula, application and longevity—so I tried them out myself.

I found them to apply smoothly and easily, the formula light and the lack of sticky residue a huge plus in my book (perhaps grown-up lip glosses could take note?). They left my lips soft and shiny—and the flavours are lip-smackingly sweet.

Let the minutes show, I'll be squirrelling away a cotton candy tube as soon as my kids' backs are turned.

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