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"Fun for the whole family" - ah, the elusive promise of holiday activities. As parents, we're all too familiar with the struggle to find something that genuinely entertains the kids without boring us to tears. So imagine my surprise (and relief!) when we stumbled upon the perfect solution at the MCA Australia

Picture this: a rambunctious, nearly-three-year-old whirlwind of energy, my ever-patient husband, and me – usually the sceptical one, all finding our own slice of heaven in an art exhibition. Yes, you read that right. The Tacita Dean exhibition wasn't just a hit with our little tornado; it was a rare win for parental sanity too!

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Tacita Dean: A Family-Friendly Artistic Wonderland

Engaging the Unengageable

Tacita Dean
Start little art lovers young at the MCA.

The Tacita Dean exhibition, nestled in the heart of Sydney as part of the International Art Series 2023/2024, did the unthinkable – it captivated my toddler. 

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (closed Tuesdays) from 10 AM to 5 PM at 140 George St, Sydney NSW, and free for kids under 17, it offered an immersive experience that was as educational as it was entertaining. 

Before we even reached the enchanting world of the Tacita Dean exhibition on level 3, our adventure began on levels one and two – which, delightfully, are free for everyone. These floors became an unexpected playground of discovery for our nearly three-year-old. As we meandered through the diverse art displays, we turned it into a game of curiosity and imagination. "What do you think this is?" we'd ask him, pointing at a sculpture or a vibrant painting.

tacita Dean
A journey through nature with Tacita Dean.


"What can you see here?" His initial responses were hesitant, but as we continued to engage him, his excitement grew.

"Why do you like this one?" we'd probe, and before we knew it, he was eagerly leading the way, sharing his interpretations and discoveries without any prompt. 

This simple yet effective approach transformed him from a passive observer to an active participant in the art world. By the time we got to level 3, he was not just ready but genuinely excited for the Tacita Dean exhibition (or, as he called it, simply "more art"). 

His newfound interest in art and his eagerness to share his thoughts made the experience all the more special for us as a family.

A Journey Through Art

Tacita Dean
Both Mum and Mr. Almost-3 in awe.


Curated by MCA Director Suzanne Cotter, Jane Devery, and Megan Robson, the exhibition features interactive film installations and engaging artworks. 

My son was particularly fascinated by "Geography Biography," where art came to life right before his eyes.

Family Space: Where Creativity Meets Play

Tacita Dean
He focused intently on creating his masterpiece.

The Family Space on Level 3, right next to the exhibition, is where the real magic happens for kids. 

Here, they get to mold clay into various shapes, contributing to a growing art landscape. This hands-on activity not only entertains but also sparks creativity and imagination in young minds.

The staff are amazing and treat every kid as an individual and brilliant artist, expressing that it is an honour to be showing their little sculptures in their gallery. It's these touches that make an outing like this (especially with young, messy, noisy kids in what is traditionally an adult space) so much more memorable. 

Inclusivity shines in the Family Space, ensuring every child, regardless of ability, can join in the fun. The MCA’s facilities, including the Parents' Room and child-friendly amenities, make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Tacita Dean
Mr. Almost-3 proudly shows off his work in the gallery!


After a morning filled with art, we headed to the MCA Cafe on Level 4. The children's menu, with its variety of tasty options, was perfect for a mid-day treat. Plus, the cafe’s stunning views made for a relaxing break.

Our visit concluded with a trip to the MCA Store, where we found creative and educational gifts – perfect for keeping the holiday spirit alive at home.

The Tacita Dean exhibition and the Family Space are ideal for families looking for a fun-filled summer holiday activity that everyone can get involved in.

Grab your tickets now and take a journey into a world of art and imagination!

Where:    Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Level 3
When:     8 December 2023 – 3 March 2024
Cost:       $25 Adults, $18 Concession, Free for Youth (13-17) and Children (12 & under), and MCA Members

For tickets and more info, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia's website.

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