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Easter Show showbags are a huge treat for kids and undoubtedly one of the major highlights of Easter each year!

From Harry Potter to Hatchimals, NRL, Barbie, and Dairy Milk, there are thousands upon thousands of awesome Easter Show showbags in 2024. And even if you can't make it to Sydney's Royal Easter Show this year, don't fear, Easter Show Showbags are available online!

Easter Show Showbags You Can Buy Online

1. Ultimate Fidgets Sensory Showbag 

Ultimate Fidgets Sensory Showbag
Ultimate Fidgets Sensory Showbag

The Ultimate Fidgets Showbag is packed with an assortment of fun fidget toys that promise relaxation, focus, and non-stop entertainment. For only $35, you'll get your hands on items like the Pop Rocker, Fidget Windmill Pen, Rainbow Puzzle, Stress Ball, and more – everything you need to keep those hands busy and happy!

Cost: $35

2. Wednesday Showbag 

Wednesday Showbag
The all-new Wednesday Showbag is a great Easter Show showbag to pick up this year! 


Step into the enchanting world of Wednesday— the beloved Netflix series that unveils the early life of Wednesday Addams. The exclusive Wednesday Showbag invites you to immerse yourself in her mysterious charm with a handpicked selection of items. From the iconic Wednesday Backpack to the stylish Wednesday Choker Set and everything in between, you'll have a piece of Wednesday's world at your fingertips.

Cost: $35

3. Bubble Tea Showbag

Bubble Tea Showbag
Bubble Tea Showbag

Indulge in your love for bubble tea with the Bubble Tea Showbag! It's your one-stop shop for all things cute and trendy in the world of bubble tea.

From a set of three zipped pouches to a stylish backpack, keyring, tumbler, notebook, slippers, socks, and even a colour-in card set, this showbag has it all! And it all comes neatly packed inside a reusable tote bag. What more could you want? 

Cost: $35

4. American Candy Showbag

American Candy Showbag
If you've got a sweet tooth and a penchant for American goods, this is the bag for you! 

The perfect treat for any candy lover in your life, the American Candy Showbag is one of the best showbags of the year in our book. It's full to bursting with nerds, runts, and a whole range of Mike and Ike candies plus so much more! Dig in, folks. 

Cost: $20

5. Boredom Busters Showbag

Boredom Busters Showbag
If your kids love craft or are often complaining that they're bored, this bag is the perfect antidote! 

Give the gift of hours of crafting fun with the Boredom Busters Showbag. It includes multi-coloured iron-on beads, a range of super colourful loom bands, coloured pencils, animal masks, colour change scissors, stencils, a handy Boredom Busters carry case, chenille sticks, adorable googly eyes and a range of super colourful pom poms. It promises to keep the kids busy coming up with their own crafty creations!

Cost: $35

6. Ninja Showbag

Ninja Showbag
Ninja Showbag

Unleash your inner ninja with the epic Ninja Showbag! It's a must-have for all aspiring ninjas who are ready to take on daring missions and master the art of stealth. Packed with essential ninja gear, this showbag is sure to impress with its array of training tools and espionage essentials.

Inside the Ninja Showbag, you'll discover a ninja mask, glove, flying daggers, a dagger, ninja star, swords, bow, and a ninja archery set complete with arrows. With everything you need to channel your inner warrior, this showbag is the ultimate companion for ninja training and adventure.

Cost: $35

7. Emma Memma Showbag

Emma Memma Showbag
Full of Emma Memma favourites, this is undoubtedly one of the best Easter Show showbags this year! 

Packed with gorgeous goodies, this exclusive Emma Memma collection is sure to capture any fan's heart. Inside, you'll discover a chic backpack, cold pack, hair extension, headband, placemat, heart sunglasses, skirt, wand kit, and a handy bag. Embrace the enchantment of Emma Memma and let the magic unfold!

Cost: $35

8. PJ Masks Showbag

Best Easter Show Showbags
A failsafe option for fans of the show, the PJ Masks Showbag is sure to delight little ones with all of its surprises! 

Inside the PJ Masks Showbag you’ll find a backpack, an activity set including stickers, colouring sheets and coloured pencils, a light-up bubble gun, a Catboy Headband, a PJ Masks-themed kaleidoscope, and a set of awesome temporary tattoos. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser, this is definitely one of the best showbags of the year. 

Cost: $35

9. Harry Potter Activity Pack Showbag

Harry Potter showbag
Hours of wizarding fun await in this Harry Potter Activity Pack Showbag.

A must-have showbag for this year, the Harry Potter Activity Pack includes a backpack, water bottle, set of badges, set of iron-on patches, a sheet of gadget decals, pack of Hogwarts House rubber bracelets, a keyring, a Hogwarts letter and envelope set, and a door sign. If you do solemnly swear that you are up to no good, this is the showbag for you! 

Cost: $35

10. Miraculous Showbag 

Miraculous Showbag
A celebration of everyone's favourite ladybug superhero, this Miraculous Showbag is one of the best showbags of 2024!

The enviably cool Miraculous Showbag is a fun and spotty choice, and everything inside has the official Miraculous tick of approval. This awesome showbag contains an activity set, a drink bottle, earrings and ring set, a handbag, two keyrings, a pencil case, yoyo and an umbrella. Phew! What more could any Miraculous fan wish for? 

Cost: $35

11. Pac-Man Showbag

Pac-Man Showbag
This value-packed showbag is bursting with retro arcade-style accessories! 

Brimming with retro accessories and goodies, the Pac-Man Showbag boasts a Pac-Man mouse pad, backpack, cap, drink bottle, notebook, flying disc and packet of tattoos. Whether you’ve been playing Pac-Man since 1980 or you’re a modern Pac-Man fan, there’s something for everyone in this showbag! 

Cost: $35

12. Mermaid Showbag

Best Easter Showbags
Offering a curation of sparkly, shiny and oh-so-fabulous goodies, the Mermaid Showbag is everything every little mermaid lover could wish for.

A celebration of all things shiny, shimmery and sparkly, this Mermaid Showbag is one of the best showbags to get your hands on this year! It features a backpack, face jewels, hair clips, hair extensions, lip gloss, a lunch box set, a nail set, a notebook and a pen. The ultimate gift for any mermaid fanatic! 

Cost: $35

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