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Easter Show showbags are a huge treat for kids and undoubtedly one of the major highlights of Easter each year.

From Harry Potter to Hatchimals, NRL, Barbie, and Dairy Milk, there are thousands upon thousands of awesome Easter Show showbags in 2022. And even if you can't make it to Sydney's Royal Easter Show this year, don't fear, Easter Show Showbags are available online!

Top 10 Easter Show Showbags you can Buy Online

1. Bluey Showbag

Bluey Showbag
The showbag featuring Australia's favourite dog is sure to be a winner this year! 

Bursting with newness and goodness, this year's Bluey showbag features an activity set, backpack, bucket hat, cooler bag, dress-up eyebrows, headband, masks, stickers, sunglasses, pencil case and a handy tote bag. What more could any Bluey lover wish for? 

Cost: $30

2.   Harry Potter Charms Showbag

Harry Potter Charms Showbag
The eyes of Potter fans will light up at this super-popular showbag!

The perfect pick for those who love all things wizarding world and one of 2022's most popular showbag offerings, the Harry Potter Charms showbag comes complete with a backpack, cooler bag, decal, eraser set, glasses, greeting cards, scarf, socks and tote bag. Magic!

Cost: $30

3. Hatchimals

Hatchimals Easter goodies available now.

Hatchimals have become a hot-ticket item in 2022, so much so that there are Youtube channels and now Easter showbags dedicated to them! 

The Hatchimals Showbag is full of adorable goodies for Hatchimals fans, including a backpack, pack of loom bands & charms, rubber slap band, sticker sheet, pencil case, headband, 2 pack of Pet Obsessed Collegitibles and 1 pack of Cosmic Candy Collectibles.

Cost: $30

4. Pokémon Showbag

Pokemon Showbag
Gotta catch 'em all! This Pokémon showbag is bursting with fun.

Labelled as one of 2021s hottest showbag picks, this Pokémon Jnr option includes a backpack, cap, activity set, sticker book, flying disc, trading cards and projector torch. What more could any Pokémon lover wish for? 

Cost: $30

5. Cadbury Super Showbag

Cadbury Superbag
Chocoholics will absolutely love this packed showbag bursting with Cadbury treats.

A real front-runner when it comes to confectionary bags, the Cadbury Super bag is brimming with all of the sugary goodness! It contains a Cadbury Dairy Milk Block, some super-cute and super-handy bite-size Cadbury Dairy Milk, a couple of Curly Wurly's, bite-size Crunchies, bite-size Cherry Ripe, bite-size Picnic and bite-size Boosts. Drool!

Cost: $10

6. PJ Masks Activity Pack

PJ Masks
Leaping lizards! Fluttering feathers! By my cat’s whiskers!

It’s the ultimate, super cool PJ Masks Showbag! PJ Masks fans won't be able to resist the PJ Masks Activity Pack that costs $30 and comes with an activity set, masks cap, pack of 6 masks, memory card game, sticker book, drink bottle and a wallet. It all comes packed in a handy non-woven tote bag.

Cost: $30

7. Rainbocorns

Have a Rainbocorns fan in the family?

The perfect gift for all Rainbocorns lovers, this cuter than cute Rainbocorns Pack comes complete with a backpack, set of 2 bracelets, pack of colour in cutouts, hair extension, earring and ring set, PVC pencil case, set of 3 stamp pencils, sticker sheet and Itzy Glitzy 2 pack. It all comes packed inside a handy Rainbocorns tote bag.

Cost: $30

8. Blippi

Blippi bag
The ultimate gift bag for Blippi fans.

Kids are going crazy over the Blippi bag in 2022 and it's easy to see why. The Blippi Showbag is a fun-filled bag that captures the energy and enthusiasm of YouTube sensation, Blippi. Kids can indulge in their love of Blippi with a backpack, activity pack, bouncy ball, dress up glass, dress up hat, height chart, rewards chart, toothbrush and a handy reusable Blippi tote bag.

Cost: $30

9. Paw Patrol Skye Showbag

Skye giftbag
Have a kid who loves Skye from Paw Patrol? This one's for them! 

The Paw Patrol Skye Bag will indulge all little Skye fans with some of her favourite pink-inspired goodies, including an activity set, backpack, bucket hat, jewellery set, lunch box set and skirt. It’s all packed in a handy non-woven tote bag. 

Cost: $30

10. Sleep Squad Showbag

Best Showbags 2021
Her next sleepover is officially sorted with this gorgeous Sleep Squad showbag!

This Sleep Squad showbag is perfect for sleepovers, or just a luxurious night at home! It contains a scented bath bomb, cosmetics case, face washer, journal, lip balm, overnight duffle bag, slippers, socks and a sleep mask all in a handy Sleep Squad tote bag!

Cost: $30

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