Fun Easter Hat Parade Ideas for 2024

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Easter hat parades are a rite of passage for kids, and while the youngsters generally find them pretty exciting, it can be a time of stress for less-creatively-minded parents. To remedy this, we've come up with 10 of the best Easter hat parade ideas to put paid to the frantic last-minute cobbling together of a lacklustre hat you may have done last year. We're right, aren't we? We knew we were right.

Oh, and before you start, it's time to accept that you're definitely going to need a glue gun for these creations!

Fun Easter Hat Parade Ideas for 2024

1. Wonka Hat

Easter Hat Parade ideas
Willy Wonka's Hat

Yes, Wonka has just finished showing at the movies but really, is there ever a bad time to use Willy Wonka as inspiration for an Easter hat?

Chocolate, merriment, and a magical Golden Ticket are all combined in this darling creation that looks pretty easy to make. You can choose to either use a purple top hat if you're lucky to have one on hand or make your own cardboard top hat

Stick some Easter bunnies from your local $2 shop around the base of the hat, use more cardboard to make your Golden Ticket, and finish it off with a giant styrofoam egg on top!

2. Upside Down Bunny Hat

Upside Down Bunny Hat
This burrowing bunny hat is a great alternative to the traditional bunny ear hat! Image:

Why not flip the traditional bunny hat, quite literally on its head this year?

Get crafting some thumpy rabbit feet out of felt or cardboard, grab a pom-pom for the tail and some greenery for decoration, and you've got yourself an escaping bunny down into a burrow. Genius! 

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3. Spring-Themed Easter Bonnet 

Easter Bonnet
Easter vibes abound in this fun, Spring-themed Easter bonnet. Image: Netmums.

For all the furore, sometimes you just can't beat the basics when it comes to Easter hat parade ideas! 

A straw hat with Easter-themed decorations from the dollar store really is all it takes sometimes—think: chicks, eggs, and spring flowers, and if you wanted to go really wild, you could even add bunny ears on top! 

4. Minions Hat

Minions Easter Hat
We love this adorable Minions hat as a character-themed option for Easter hat parades!

Got a Minions fan in your midst? This hat is an ultra-fun Easter hat parade idea that your kid is sure to adore.

To re-create this one, simply grab any hat as a base, add a yellow sand bucket, blue streamer straw, plastic eggs, and baby chicks (you should be able to get all of this at your local dollar store). For the eyebrows, eyes and smile, you could use any stickers you have lying around, print some out or make some out of paper or card. Add a pair of glasses, whip out your glue gun to glue it all together and you're done and dusted! 

5. Carrot Hat

Easter Hat Parade ideas
Carrot hats are a sure-fire winner this year! Images: Pinterest.

For a fun and quirky Easter hat, a carrot hat is a great option. 

Start with a basic hat, and attach a long orange cone made from felt or paper to the top. Add some greenery or leaves to the tip of the cone to create the carrot's green stem, add some texture with marker pens, or go all-out with felt bunny decor.

6. Festive Headband

Festive Easter Headband
Festive Easter Headband

We love easy Easter hat parade ideas and this one might just be one of our favourites!

This festive headband gives off major disco/Coachella vibes and is fun to make with the kids. All you have to do is buy a headband (or use one you already have), and secure brightly-coloured pipe cleaners all along the top. The best way to secure them in place is to tie them around the headband and then add some super glue. Add more festive flair with some bobbles, glitter, stickers and whatever else you can find - voila!

7. Bunny Party Hat

Easter Hat Parade ideas
A bunny party hat is an easy-peasy but oh-so-cute crowd-pleaser for the Easter hat parade! Image: thehousethatlarsbuilt.

For all the parents that may or may not find themselves in a night-before situation, this bunny party hat is for you.

Simply grab a classic party hat (or make your own from a card), glue on some bunny ears and eyes, and add a cardboard triangle-shaped nose and whiskers. Draw on the mouth, and job is done! (You're welcome.)

8. Frying Pan and Egg Hat

Easter Hat Parade ideas
For a bit of a show-stopper, this frying pan and egg hat is a timeless Easter hat parade idea. Image:


If your brief is an Easter hat that you can use after the parade, we've got you covered.

Simply glue elastic to a mini frying pan with a glue gun, come up with your best fried egg design using card or felt, and draw a few cracks in a plastic egg, then stick them into the pan. Minimal effort for a maximum wow-factor!

9. Egg Carton Hat

Egg Carton Hat
Guarantee a few laughs at the Easter hat parade with this fun egg carton hat. Image: Pinterest. 

While we're well and truly on the egg motif, let's throw another egg-themed hat into the Easter hat parade ideas ring.

This egg carton hat is another showstopper, but really quite easy on the effort front. To re-create it, you'll need two egg cartons, two dozen plastic eggs, some fluffy toy chicks and your trusty glue gun. Simply assemble and affix to your little darling's head with elastic. 

10. Flower Pot Hat

Flower Pot Easter Hat
We'd be adding some colourful straw and chicks to this to make a gorgeous Easter-themed flower pot hat! Image: Pinterest.

For little gardening lovers, create a flower pot out of card, and flowers out of a mixture of coloured card and felt. Add in some straw, some baby chicks or plastic eggs and we reckon you've got an adorable Easter hat parade idea right there. Secure it with elastic to keep it from toppling off, and the job's a good un! 

11. Giant Tissue Paper Pom Pom Hat

Giant Tissue Paper Pom Pom Hat
If your little one's on board to go big at this year's Easter hat parade, look no further! Image: Pinterest.

Grab an existing hat to use as a base for this one (and let the minutes show, you'll need a wide brim). 

Make sure you've got plenty of tissue paper to hand in a fun assortment of colours. To create the pom-pom, fold the tissue paper in half and then concertina fold it. Glue the folded end to the side of the hat, gently pull the tissue paper apart to form the pom-pom, and then repeat! 

12. Easter Headband

Easter Headband
Simple but effective, Easter headbands are a great way of getting crafty. Image: Pinterest. 

For this one, we recommend raiding your local craft store or dollar shop and grabbing a range of Easter-themed crafts - flowers, feathers, chicks and little eggs will all fit the bill! Arrange them decoratively and whip out the hot glue gun to glue them all together. *Chefs kiss!* 

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