Does Your Child Throw Tantrums? You Need A Glitter Jar

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Even adults are sure to find these glitter jars pretty mesmerising. Check out the cool new parenting trick you can make at home, that are said to calm down hysterical and tantrum-throwing children.

Source: GoodtoKnow Facebook

What You Need

We think GoodtoKnow’s recipe is the best- all you need is:

  • a Jar (or VOSS water bottles work well too, and plastic is best for young kids)
  • Food colouring
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Glitter Glue

preschool inspo

Try VOSS bottles & different colours via Preschool Inspirations

What To Do

  • Fill a third of your container of choice with warm water
  • Add a small tube of glitter glue to the water and mix
  • Add 3 drops of food colouring and stir together- if you use too much, it will look very dark!
  • Add glitter- as much as you like! You can use different kinds of glitter in the one jar to create a cool effect. Stir together
  • Top up jar with warm water, but leave a little gap for the water to move around
  • TIP: use hot glue to seal the jar shut!

Other Calm Down Jars To Try

1. Hurricane In A Jar

Using soap, water and food colouring, you can create a super cool hurricane-in-a-jar effect. Check out One Time Through’s recipe.


Source: One Time Through

2. Alphabet Jar

Your child can try to see if words are formed inside the jar whilst they calm down! Thanks to Preschool Inspirations for the awesome recipe.

alphabet jar

Source: Preschool Inspirations

3. Jellyfish In A Bottle

Who needs a pet goldfish when kids can have their own jellyfish in a bottle?! Check out bhoomplay’s recipe using a plastic bag, food colouring and water.


Source: bhoomplay

4. Ocean In A Bottle

You only need cooking oil, water and food colouring to make this gorgeous and practical mum-hack! Thanks to Happy Hooligans for the recipe.

ocean bottle

Source: Happy Hooligans

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