Deerbush Park Playground

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Here at ellaslist, we can't get enough of Sydney playgrounds and do a little happy dance every time a new playground opens. Today, however, we are doing a happy dance PLUS a hop, skip and jump because a new playground has opened and not just any playground at that - Deerbush Park Playground, Fairfield's first all-abilities playground has opened and we cannot wait to check it out!

Welcome to Deerbush Park Playground 

Deerbush Park Playground next to Fairfield Showground is the location of Fairfield's first all-abilities playground and has been designed to allow people of all abilities to enjoy Fairfield Showground for playing, walking, cycling, sports, family picnics etc.

Deerbush Park is a jointly funded project from Fairfield City Council and the Federal and State governments and has had a generous $6.4 million thrown at it so you better believe there's some fun and fantastic equipment in store for Sydney families. 

Highlights of Deerbush Park Playground

Deerbush Park Playground
Get excited kids - here's a map of all the best features of Deerbush Park Playground.

Deerbush Park Playground is ready to entertain children of all abilities with its impressive new digs, including:

  • a Liberty Swing
  • wheelchair-accessible carousel
  • ground-level trampoline
  • climbing ropes and net course
  • flying fox
  • learn-to-ride path
  • a climbing net fort with slide
  • accessible riverbed crossing
  • sand digger
  • voice tubes.

There will also be accessible toilets, plenty of seating, and shade from the surrounding trees for family picnics. And for the adults? New outdoor gym equipment has been included in the development of Deerbush Park, which is connected to the Showground’s new path network and provides access to all of the Showground’s facilities as well as an enjoyable exercise option for walkers, cyclists and wheelchairs.

But Wait, There's More...

Deerbush Park Water Park
Water play is also on the agenda at Sydney's first all-abilities playground.

Deerbush Park Playground hasn't just settled for your run-of-the-mill playground, no siree! The development of Deerbush Park Playground includes a fancy new water park too! The accessible water play space is the first for a public playground in Fairfield City and comes complete with 13 unique above-ground squirters and numerous ground-level bubblers for all ages and abilities. The Deerbush Park Playgroundwater play space will be open in summer and all water will be recycled and treated to the same quality as pool water.

Location: Deerbush Park Playground is located at Deerbush Park in Prairiewood.

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