Ford❜s New Design Isn❜t A Car, It❜s A Cot!

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Cars and their gentle rocking motions, with glimpses of dimly-glowing street lights seem to be the magic formula for putting little ones to sleep. It's not uncommon to meet a young family who jumps into the car, rather than bed, when it's their baby's nap-time. Ford's new creation is not a car, but a magic car-cot hybrid that could provide a solution to one of the most nagging trials of parenting.

Source: Ford España Youtube

Sleeptime In Style

The new cot is called the 'Max Motor Dreams', and is, unfortunately, just a prototype. It is pending-production depending on how well it is received, so we have a feeling it might not be too far off the market. A small speaker on the underside of the cot recreates a muffled car engine and reproduces 'drive sounds' that will be recorded on your smartphone during a routine drive, LED lights mimic the passing of glowing street lamps, and the cot itself gently rocks whilst keeping baby horizontal. The design, in our opinion, is pretty darn elegant, in neutral creams with a wood trim. Maybe a good night's sleep will soon be a reality for new parents...fingers crossed!