Dangar Island Offers A Slice Of Paradise For Your Next Day Trip

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So quaint. So idyllic. So peaceful. You’d definitely be forgiven for thinking this picturesque slice of paradise could not possibly be located just 50kms from Sydney’s CBD. 

Alas, it is! Quietly nestled away on the Hawkesbury River, the charming forest hideaway of Dangar Island covers an area of 29 hectares and has around 3 kilometres of shoreline—brimming with natural beauty, a rich history and plenty of things to do. Here’s why you should make Dangar Island your next family day trip destination.

The Slower Pace

Image: icentralcoast.com

And when we say a slower pace—we really mean a slower pace. The island is the only Sydney suburb that has no cars—instead, locals use bicycles and wheelbarrows to transport goods around. How cool!

As Dangar is an island, the only way to get there is by boat. A ferry service runs regularly between Brooklyn, Wobby and Dangar, seven days a week.

There’s no big supermarket, no big hotel and no school—which sees kids getting the ferry across the river to Brooklyn to attend school there. When it comes to the locals, there are only around 270 of them. 270! Which means there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the island. 

The Nature

Image: icentralcoast.com

The 3km walking trail around the island is the best way to explore the area’s natural beauty (all whilst admiring the local real estate and attempting to mentally calculate how you can up sticks and leave the city, of course) whilst soaking up the majestic views across the Hawkesbury River and heritage-listed Blackbutt trees.

Look out for the intersection on Riverview Avenue with a small path that takes you further up the island—you’ll stumble across Kiparra Park you can still find evidence of Aboriginal habitation and rock shelters, plus even more beautiful vistas.

Things To Do

Image: Best Sydney Walks

Bradley’s Beach is one of the main highlights of the island—offering calm waters, plenty of sand to play in and enough space to ensure you aren’t sitting on top of another family. It’s perfect for taking a picnic lunch to and whiling away the day in-between dips and games.

Image: icentralcoast.com

The playground at Kiparra Park is also a favourite among families, offering a place for little ones to blow off some steam before getting back on board the ferry to go home.

When it comes to places to eat—you won’t be surprised to hear that there isn’t an array of different cuisines on offer. Dangar Island Depot boasts a menu that revolves around ethical and sustainable ingredients and, in some cases, is sourced from producers on the tiny island. Brewtown Newtown supplies the coffee—meaning you’re in for an excellent cup of joe on your visit. The Bowling Club is your other option; offering a community hub that serves up dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights plus lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. What more could you want?! 

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Jun 10 2019

Beautiful island ,not much to do there except relax and mooch around the beach and walk the streets looking at stunning views and homes.don't expect the locals to be friendly ,even so much as a smile is too much.

Dianne Mancey

Feb 24 2019

I visited the island with my two grandsons last Saturday. Very pleasant ferry ride. Saw lots of Hugh jellyfish, which were harmless but we’re told were covered in insects which can leave you with itchy bites. Had an enjoyable lunch a cafe. Saw some very cute and interesting things in the unusual gardens. Had a lovely time exploring. Would definitely go back to explore some more.