Cute Cake Smash For Quad Babies

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Just watch their cries turn into happy, wide-eyed surprise! What could be cuter than a baby smashing their little hands straight into a delicious cake and shovelling it right into their mouths?

The answer is: quadruplets (that’s FOUR babies) smashing their hands straight into delicious cake and shovelling it right into their mouths! Meet the Mielers- a family of quads, the mumma, Jen of which blogs about all their milestones and funny moments.

Source: Why yes, my hands ARE full. Facebook

Thought that was pretty cute? Check out the blog So Many Mielers! and find out what it’s like to get 4 babies to sleep, dressed, fed….. we can’t even imagine! The babies have just turned 1 on 11 September, and celebrated with smash cakes, their own individual desserts, matching onesies, and a Facebook update on each of their progress!


Source: Why yes, my hands ARE full Facebook

Micah now has 2 teeth- one up top and the other on the bottom, Becker is described as a “happy little oaf” who knocks everything in his path down, Roland is still exploring anything and everything but calms down during cuddle time, and little Marin Grace is starting to enjoy some rough and tumble play with her brothers. After one year with quads, mumma Jen says that despite people commonly asking her how she survives, the Mielers “are thriving.”


Source: Why yes, my hands ARE full Facebook

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