Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

You know that crazy looking thing-a-ma-jig that slices apples into perfect wedges. It looks a bit like a bizarre torture tool but you’ve grown to love it. Here are some other pretty nutty kitchen gadgets that you probably never even knew existed! At first glance, we wouldn’t have a clue what some of them are…

1. Peeling Oranges

Apparently, these little orange rings are meant to make peeling oranges easier. We aren’t exactly sure how they work, but we want them anyway!


 peeling oranges

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

2. Devil Oven Pull

Hey, it’s pretty cute! If oven mits just don’t cut it, use this little guy to get hot things out of the oven safely.


devil overn pull

Source: Amazon


3. Carrot Sharpener

No, this isn’t just an orange coloured pencil sharpener! Make stir-fries and salads look way better with this little number.

carrot sharpenar

Source: Amazon

4. Microwaving Bacon Device

We didn’t even know you could microwave bacon?! Apparently, this nifty device cooks bacon perfectly in minutes – above the fat, not in it, which reduces fat up to 35%.


bacon microwave


5. Butter Softener

This one makes sense to us! This little holey knife allows you to make spreadable butter out of a cold, hard lump. The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp is actually an Aussie invention and was funded via Kickstarter. It’s now available online for only $12.


butter softener

Source: butterup

6. Garlic Chopper

We thought it was a sticky tape cannister! Apparently its a garlic chopper so you don’t need to get your hands smelly!

garlic chopper


7. Strawberry Hull

This pretty gadget corks your strawberries for you, leaving behind nothing but edible sweetness.

hull strawberry

Source: Amazon

8. Burger Moulder

This contraption moulds your patties to a perfectly uniform shape and thickness for even cooking and tender, juicy results every time. Just what we have always wanted!

hamburger smasher

Source: Williams-Sonoma

9. Herb Stripper

This little baby will have us using any excuse to put rosemary in the kids dinners!


herb stripper

Source: Amazon 

10. Bagel Slicer

Don’t be fooled- this one isn’t a torture device. In fact, it’s a bagel lovers new best friend.

bagel slicer

Source: Amazon

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sally Davis

Aug 11 2016

they are all crazy but maybe useful