Coles To Sell Hot Cross Buns Year Round

No, no and no! Sorry, Coles, you should not be trying to reinvent the wheel. Hot cross buns are only for Easter, that's just the way it goes!

Coles recently announced that they're going to sell their Coles hot cross buns all year long, and while I'm a tad excited about getting to enjoy the cinnamony goodness of a buttery hot cross bun any day I want, I can't help but feel that hot cross buns are part of a much bigger tradition: Easter. Why has the supermarket chain decided to buck tradition after decades of only selling hot cross buns at Easter time? Well, that's the million-dollar question. According to Coles category manager for in-store bread, Freddie Hancock who spoke to, “Some things are just too good to not enjoy all year round. For many people, that includes a delicious hot cross bun".

So apparently customer demand is the main drive behind stocking their 10-pack hot cross buns for $3 - but why?! There are so many other sweet treats (some even from the Coles bakery), not to mention raisin toast that you can satisfy your sweet tooth with.

I know I am probably not with the majority of voters here as much of the population seem to be thrilled by Coles trialling this idea for the time being. I guess I should just shut my mouth up with a delicious hot cross bun!

Do you think the roll-out of year-round hot cross buns is going against tradition?

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