Christmas Bonus: Genius Santa Costume Hack From Kmart

  • Parents Only

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Jingle bells, jingle bells, that's the sound of a lightbulb moment one Sydney mum had when she discovered a novelty Christmas item that was perfect for her son's festive dress-up box! 

When shopping at Kmart, Stacey McFarlane, aka a very clever mum found a novelty $5 Christmas bottle holder and thought, yes I could put two bottles of wine in here.... OR I could put my son in it instead!

The pictures, as they say, speak for themselves...


Image: Stacey MacFarlane's Facebook


Now, the $5 item is selling like hotcakes, with parents all over Sydney wanting to emulate this gorgeous bundle of Santa. (BYO Santa hat). 


This is what the "wine holder" looks like:

Who would have thought there'd be a product greater than something that keeps our wine safe. Stacey, a big cheers to you!


Have you got any Christmas costume hacks, we'd love to hear them!