Check Out The Family Room At The Shoe Chef Cafe

By: Hayley Dean, ellaslist explorer

The Shoe Chef Cafe is one of those cafes that you honestly wouldn’t think twice about visiting from the other side of the road, which I think is what made it such a brilliant surprise.

mothers group

Source: Shoe Chef Facebook

The Incredible Children’s Room

Out the back of the cafe, down a short hallway, past the kitchen, lies a room the owners have set up specifically for kids and mothers groups, etc. It is super comfortable with lounges, toys, small tables for the kids and big ones for the carers and best of all – loos! Kids are welcome and encouraged to run around and make as much noise as they would like – WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND THAT IN A SYDNEY CAFE??!!


shoe chef

Source: Shoe Chef Facebook

Great Menu and Friendly Staff

The menu is extremely kid friendly (they even offer cereal) and they do after school specials most days and often give out free cookies to the kids. Sandwiches for kids start at a mere $2!
The owners are SUPER friendly too. I can not recommend this place highly enough to others groups or fiends who would like to actually be able to have a conversation with each other, over a meal with their little ones in toe.


shoe chef tile Source: Shoe Chef Facebook

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