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In case you missed it, the cost of living has gotten steep. And we mean, really steep. With everything from your morning coffee to groceries and bills shooting up in price, it’s time to batten down the hatches and really assess where those hard-earned dollars can be saved.

If you love eating out, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best cheap eats in Sydney right now - so dig in!

Cheap Eats in Sydney

1. Pastizzi Cafe

A Newtown institution, Pastizzi Cafe is renowned for its epic selection of traditional Maltese pastizzi - diamond-shaped flaky pastries filled with ricotta or curried peas.

Pastizzi Cafe’s offering is diverse, with flavours ranging from spinach and ricotta or apple and cinnamon to beef & dark ale or berry custard. These little parcels of crispy deliciousness start at a super-affordable $3.50 each, and the cafe also offers an extensive menu of Italian fare if you’re still hungry!

Location: 523 King Street and 109 King Street, Newtown

2. Xcel Roll

Xcel Roll
Fresh, filling, delicious and affordable—need we say more?

A family-owned business that’s grown to four locations over the years, Xcel Roll offers excellent quality Vietnamese-filled rolls at affordable prices and is one of our favourite cheap eats in Sydney.

All of their ingredients are homemade and showcase both western and Asian influences, with menu items like pork rolls, chicken rolls, dim sim rolls, rice paper rolls, spring rolls and more. The bread is baked fresh daily, and prices start at around $7.

Location: multiple throughout Sydney - visit Xcel Roll for details.

3.  Durga’s Indian Street Food and Dessert Bar

Paying homage to the street food eateries of Mumbai, Durga’s is a sure-fire winner for both savoury lovers, and sweet tooths.

The south-Indian dosas are both delicious and wallet-friendly, starting at $8.90 and proving to be pretty sizeable. Other menu highlights include vada pav, samosa chaat, and even a paneer burger.

Location: 70 Wigram Street, Harris Park

4. Pho 236

It’s no secret that pho makes for an epic meal, and the steaming bowls of the iconic Vietnamese noodle soup that are served at Pho 236 are some of the best in town.

The restaurant probably won’t be winning any prizes for its decor any time soon, but the aromatic broths, generous portions and affordable prices more than make up for it. Slurp slurp!

Location: 236 King Street, Newtown

5. Hot Star Chicken

Hot Star Large Chicken
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Hot Star Chicken is a one-stop shop for drool-worthy, authentic Taiwanese hot chicken!

All you need to know about Hot Star Chicken is that it's moist and tender on the inside, bigger than your palm, utterly bursting with flavour, and you'll get change from a tenner.

With multiple locations for cheap eats in Sydney, you can satisfy your cravings with this authentic Taiwanese oversized crispy chicken, and thank us for the tip later. 

Location: multiple across Sydney - visit Hot Star Chicken for details.

6. Cairo Takeaway

For plates brimming with falafel, koshari, kofta, veggies, pita and more, Cairo Takeaway is a cornerstone of Enmore’s food scene for a reason.

You can eat in or take away and enjoy your feast in a local park. The fried cauliflower roll comes in at just $9, while the charcoal lamb roll is only $12—and you can make it a plate for an extra $3. What a steal!

Location: 81 Enmore Road, Enmore

7. Tamaleria & Mexican Deli

Empanadas, nachos, street tacos, hot tamales and more await at this Dulwich Hill gem, which is now widely considered a one-stop-shop for all-things authentic Mexican. The prices are reasonable, the food is delicious, and you’ll know you’re getting real-deal Mexican fare without a hefty price tag. What’s not to love at Tamaleira & Mexican Deli?

Location: 463 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill

8. Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches

Harveys Hot Sandwiches
Fresh, filling and utterly drool-worthy, a Harvey's sanga is where it's at. 

For the ultimate sandwich that won’t set you back a fortune, look no further than Harvey’s.

The thick, fluffy bread is stuffed to the rafters with meaty, cheesy, mouth-watering goodness. Our pick? The ham sandwich—double smoked ham, pickles, iceberg, onion, tomato, cucumber, Swiss cheese and aioli—all of which will set you back just a cool $13 bucks. Drool!

Location: Parramatta Square, Shop 4, 05/12 Darcy St, Parramatta

9. Ayam Goreng 99

Ayam Goreng 99 is an authentic Indonesian restaurant in Kingsford that's absolutely brimming with cheap eats in Sydney that are utterly delicious!

Favourites include Soto Ayam; chicken soup with egg, tomato, clear noodles and beansprouts, and Lontong Sagar; curry shrimp vegetable soup with rice cakes, egg and chicken.

Location: 464 Anzac Parade, Kingsford

10. Jasmins Restaurant Lakemba

Jasmins Restaurant Lakemba
If you're after generous portions, you've come to the right place. Jasmins is renowned for its lavish serves!

When it comes to hefty portion sizes, nowhere does it better than Jasmins. Their mixed plates are notoriously big, brimming with tabouli, hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, kofte, kibbeh and shish kebab. It’s $17 and is a great sharing option!

Location: 30B Haldon St, Lakemba

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