Can You Guess Sydney’s Most Romantic Suburbs?!

We say ‘Valentines Day’, you say ‘flowers’! Sure they’re a tiny bit of a cliché, but who doesn’t love a big bunch of colourful blooms landing on their desk on a Thursday afternoon?!

One of Sydney’s most popular florists, Flowers Across Sydney has announced this year’s most romantic suburbs, and the results might surprise you. 

It’s the city slickers in Sydney CBD who have been declared Sydney’s most romantic, with North Sydney and Paramatta playing close second and third, based on the volume of Valentine purchases of predominantly red rose bouquets over the past two weeks.

So far, the stats look a little something like this:

Volume of purchases:

1. Sydney CBD
2. North Sydney
3. Parramatta
4. Macquarie Park
5. North Ryde

Biggest spenders: 

1. Rosebery
2. Sydney CBD
3. Parramatta
4. Mascot
5. Macquarie Park

It turns out that Rosebery and Sydney CBD have spent a whopping 20% more than the average on their bouquets so far this year—and the best sellers have, unsurprisingly, been bouquets of 6 and 12 red roses, as well as a box of 6 red roses. Nawww, you big bunch of softies!

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