Calmsley Hill City Farm: A Farm That Even Old MacDonald Would Envy

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Did you know there's a real-life working farm right here in Sydney? We didn't until today, but boy are we glad we now know!

Welcome to the Calmsley Hill Family

Calmsley Hill City Farm
The Calmsley Hill City Farm team can't wait to meet you!

39 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD and just off the M7, Calmsley Hill City Farm in Western Sydney is buzzing with activity. Amazingly, amongst the seemingly endless suburbia of Abbotsbury, Calmsley Hill City Farm is a rural oasis of rolling hills and grazing farm animals that the kids and I couldn't get enough of. Come on a journey with us as we experienced our first day out at Calmsley Hill City Farm and our top tips.

Get Ready to Befriend the Calmsley Farm Animals

Calmsley Hill City Farm
The Calmsley Hill farm animals are some of the friendliest in Sydney!

Calmsley Hill City Farm is an up-close and interactive farm experience in Sydney. With every type of farm animal imaginable, plus a few extras: camels, donkeys, reptiles and wombats just to name a few, there’s a cute, cuddly, scaley and fluffy animal for everyone. Youngsters will love this hands-on approach, and making friends with the smallest to the tallest animals is encouraged at Calmsley. 

Calmsley Hill City Farm
Stop off for a cuddle with the Calmsley kangaroos.

Our Tips For the Perfect Day Out at Calmsley Hill

Pack a Picnic 

As we made our way around the Calmsley Farm on paved pathways (hello pram/wheelchair friendly!), my kids loved walking amongst the free-range chickens, ducks and an assortment of native animals. Feel free to pack a picnic, or even organise a family get-together and utilise the free use of an electrical bbq - the scenery certainly won’t disappoint. 

For those who like to pack light, visit the friendly staff at the Farmhouse Cafe, situated close to the entrance, where you can stop off for a coffee, tasty treats or a light lunch. 

Weather at Calmsley Farm

Weather? What weather! Don’t stress about the weather when planning your visit to Calmsley as there is plenty of undercover shade to suit the sunniest or gloomiest of days. There’s also a play area for the kids to whittle away any unwanted energy they still might have while parents and carers can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Sydney's favourite city farm.  

Plenty to Do and Lots to See 

Calmsley Hill City Farm
Welcome to the Calmsley Farmhouse Nursery - get your feed bags ready!

One of the many highlights of our visit to Calmsley was feeding the baby animals in the Farmhouse Nursery. Purchasing a bag of animal feed (just $2 at the entrance) is a must and I guarantee this alone will keep the youngsters happy throughout the day, particularly when there are so many opportunities to get up-close to the animals and feed them directly by hand - get ready, they say their thank-yous by licking!

Calmsley Hill Tractor Ride

Calmsley Hill City Farm
Get the kids ready for Calmsley's famous big red tractor!

The tractor ride is another major crowd-pleaser and for me, it was actually my first time on a tractor! For 10 minutes straight, I promise you, you won’t hear a peep out of the kids. I had to double-check mine were still behind me! The Calmsley tractor rides generally run at 11.30 am and 2.30 pm daily but the Calmsley staff are always happy to add in an extra ride so you don't miss out!

Shows at Calmsley Hill

Calmsley Hill City Farm
Rounding up a flock of sheep in the middle of Abbotsbury? Sure, why not!

Along with being a working farm, Calmsley Hill is an educational farm too and they love teaching kids the ropes of real-life farm work. Don’t forget to catch some of the daily shows, all of which are included in your entry fee. Watch and learn from the Calmsley guides as they milk Custard the cow; observe man’s best-friend round-up the sheep at the Working Dog Show, and educate the kids on where wool comes from as they watch the Sheep Shearing Show. 

Birthday Parties at Calmsley Hill City Farm

I wish one of my little ones' birthdays just happened to coincide with our visit to Calmsley Hill City Farm but I was out of luck on that one! I love the fact that Calmsley Hill also host kid's birthday parties because which boy or girl doesn't love an animal birthday party? If your little one has their heart set on an animal birthday party, I highly recommend looking into having a birthday at Calmsley Hill City Farm. Their birthday party packages are very reasonable.  

Calmsley Hill City Farm Tickets

For ticket purchases, visit the super-friendly staff at Calmsley Hill reception on arrival. I recommend that you check out a Calmsley Hill City Farm annual pass - there’s heaps of value!  

Visit the Calmsley website for more information. 

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