Calling All Tired Parents: Meet your New Secret Weapon in the Battle of Bedtime

When it comes to sleep, we know two things to be true. Number one, getting good sleep is fundamental to your health and well-being. And number two? When you become a parent, any semblance of decent sleep usually gets shot to smithereens and you can kiss goodbye to those eight blissful hours through the night (sorry to be blunt, but it's true.)

If you’re a sleep-deprived parent, we’re willing to bet you’ve done the rounds on forums and blogs, researched gadgets and gizmos and hung off every word of Instagram sleep consultants. But if you’re still struggling—Nodiee could just be the answer to all of your prayers.

What is Nodiee?

Well, glad you asked! Australia’s fastest-growing sleep aid, Nodiee is a brand on a mission to bring tired parents the rest they deserve. Their best-selling Sleep Assist Smart Pro is the first all-in-one, app-controlled white noise machine and night light, suitable for children (and adults) of all ages.

White noise? Tick. Night light? Tick. Loads of other features exclusive to the Nodiee Sleep Assist Smart Pro? Tick, tick, tick! 

White noise is a popular tool among parents as it offers a plethora of different uses for different ages. For newborns and young babies, white noise creates a comfortable, womb-like environment which calms little ones and helps them to fall asleep faster. As your child gets older, that established sleep association helps children fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep for longer. It also helps to drown out other noises happening around; so it’s perfect for kids who share a room or for small apartments!

Nodiee’s Sleep Assist Smart Pro offers a whopping 34 soothing sounds and lullabies including white noise, pink noise, shushing, ocean waves and more—and with a powerful speaker, you’re sure to find the noise and volume that works perfectly for your child. Combining the sound machine with the seven night light colours on offer, it's safe to say that the Nodiee Sleep Assist Smart Pro really does do it all—it’s a white noise machine, a sleep trainer, a breastfeeding light and a distraction at nappy change time; basically, whatever you need it to be!

Get Better Sleep with Nodiee

Calling all Tired Parents: Meet your New Secret Weapon in the Battle of Bedtime
Parents can enjoy complete control of all settings remotely from the Nodiee app!

If the white noise and options of night light colour weren’t enough to convince you, the fact that you can control all of the features from the app just might. Having remote control makes things much easier for parents, and prevents the perilous possibility of waking sensitive sleepers with a creaky floorboard when you go in to adjust their settings (been there, done that!)

The new sleep program feature allows parents to create daily sleep schedules for naptime and bedtime, plus an ‘Okay to Wake’ feature which has the light indicate when it’s okay to get out of bed. It’s the perfect tool to help parents reclaim their mornings—whether you use the time to prepare for the day before the kids get up or enjoy an extra bit of time in bed is your call!

The Feedback

Calling all Tired Parents: Meet your New Secret Weapon in the Battle of Bedtime
Tired parents across the country are rejoicing at having found a sleep solution in Nodiee.

If you’re sceptical, let’s just say that the results speak for themselves. The feedback on this small Aussie business has been nothing short of astounding—as they’ve racked lip more than six hundred 5-star reviews from parents who have tried it all and found Nodiee's Sleep Assist Smart Pro to be the solution.

The brand is so confident that Nodiee will bring better sleep for you and your family that they offer a 60-night happiness guarantee, so if after 60 nights you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Catch you on the flip side; bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and very well-rested!

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