Cadbury Dairy Milk With A Surprise Filling...The Ultimate Limited Edition Sweet ❛N❜ Savoury Combo

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist 

Move over Cadbury Fruit & Nut, there's a new milk choccie filling in town.  

We haven't seen a food combo as crazy (crazy-good!) as this since Vegemite met Cadbury Dairy Milk for a short and sweet time back in 2015. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk filled with Sea Salt Kettle Chips AND Cadbury Dairy Milk filled with Original CCs (we'll take one of each, thanks!) will hit the supermarket shelves for a super limited time on Wednesday 15 August. A flavour and texture pairing we reckon totally makes sense. 

If you're a fan of sea salt choccie, or have made a habit of mixing Maltesers through your popcorn at the movies (do it!), these new sweet 'n' salty, smooth 'n' crunchy Dairy Milk flavours are going to Hit. The. Spot. 

The Cadbury-meets-chips combos were inspired by the passing around of chips and chocolate between families and friends in the footy you do for the perfect ratio of sweet:savoury, without feeling like you've gone overboard with either (kind of). 

Tell the kids to open their mouths and close their eyes and guess what the filling is...we reckon they won't be turning up their noses at these chip-filled-choccies like they do with Fruit & get your hands on a slab before this winner combo sells out.

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