BYO Restaurants in Sydney

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If there are three things we love (in addition to our families and children, of course), it's eating out, drinking wine and saving money. BYO restaurants in Sydney combine these elements to create a seriously epic night out, promising great food, your favourite wine (which, let's face it, is usually a whole lot cheaper than bottles in restaurants), and a more palatable bill at the end of the evening. We're sold! 

Eating at BYO restaurants is a great hack to saving money while also maintaining a social life, and lucky for us, Sydney has some awesome options. Here are our top picks for Sydney restaurants where you can BYO.

BYO Restaurants in Sydney

1. Bar Reggio

BYO restaurants in Sydney
Bar Reggio

Darlinghurst's beloved Bar Reggio is practically synonymous with BYO restaurants in Sydney, making it a go-to spot for groups wanting to enjoy a big night out on a budget.

They charge a humble $3.50 per person and let you bring in your own beers, wine and spirits. Can't get fairer than that! 

The family-owned and operated restaurant prides itself on good, old-fashioned cooking, keeping it simple, and using fresh, local produce. The menu is extensive, bursting with pizza, pasta, salads, meaty mains and a plethora of side dishes and chef's suggestions. For the epitome of carby, creamy goodness, our order is always the same - Boscaiola Fettucine washed down with a couple of glasses of wine. Drool.

Location: 135 Crown Street, Darlinghurst

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2. Thai Pothong

Thai Pothong
Thai food doesn't come much better than the renowned Sydney gem, Thai Pothong.

An absolute favourite among uni students and locals, Thai Pothong is a stalwart of the Newtown food scene, and for good reason.

The restaurant is massive, the food is delicious, and their other drawcard would have to be that they're BYO. The restaurant is licensed, but BYO is still a very reasonable $4 corkage per person for wine only.

There is a range of banquet menus on offer at Thai Pothong, tailored to different budgets, appetites and dietary requirements. Combine that with the low corkage fees, and you have to admit, BYO restaurants in Sydney don't come much better than this!

Location: 294 King St, Newtown

3. Last Train to Bombay

Last Train to Bombay
Free BYO and delicious Indian food make Last Train to Bombay one of our standout BYO restaurants in Sydney.

A favourite among those who live north of the bridge, Last Train to Bombay in Crows Nest offers free BYO for both lunch and dinner daily. And rest assured you'll find something that grabs you on the diverse and extensive menu, which ranges from South Indian dosas to chaat, curries, and a range of speciality banquets. 

Location: 469 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest

4. Lebanon and Beyond

BYO restaurants in Sydney
The delicious dishes available at Lebanon and Beyond.

Bringing rich, authentic flavours of the Middle East to Randwick through vibrant, colourful and delicious food, Lebanon and Beyond is the perfect destination for some Lebanese indulgence.

From dips and flatbread to tender meats, mouthwatering salads, and some of the best falafel in Sydney, Lebanon and Beyond needs to be added to your 'to-try' list, stat

The restaurant is licensed but offers BYO on weeknights and for wine only—Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are not included. Midweek feast, anyone? 

Location: 187 Alison Road, Randwick

5. Mr. Chen Beef Noodle

Mr Chen Beef Noodle
Colourful eats and free BYO? Sign us up!

Mr Chen. Beef Noodle is a Haymarket hotspot for delicious, affordable eats and free BYO, making it a standout among BYO restaurants in Sydney.

Aromatic soups and pillowy dumplings are the order of the day here, alongside the chance to really customise your dining experience with the choice between five types of freshly made noodles, all hand-pulled on-site. Did we mention the free BYO? Race you to Haymarket! 

Location: Prince Centre TG5 Quay Street. Enter via 8 Thomas St, Haymarket

6. Don't Tell Aunty

BYO restaurants in Sydney
Innovative Indian fare in a fun, vibrant environment? Don't Tell Aunty is the place to be.

While it might not be the cheapest option on our list, it definitely wins in the dining experience stakes. Don't Tell Aunty offers a unique and vibrant menu that champions traditional dishes with a contemporary twist.

Their BYO is $20 per bottle, but we reckon once you've tried the food and soaked up the vibes, you'll agree it's worth it to splurge once in a while! 

Location: Shop 1, 414 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

7. Vacanza

BYO restaurants in Sydney
Surry Hills or Bronte—take your pick! Vacanza is serving up mouthwatering pizza in both, and they both offer BYO wine.

Dishing out authentic, traditional Italian pizza by the truckload, Vacanza in both Bronte and Surry Hills is a vibey spot for a BYO dinner.

The menu is bursting with delicious options with doughy deliciousness, meats and fresh Italian flavours. The Buffalo Mozzarella Bar is a cheese-lovers dream, where you can order the stuff fresh by the gram or choose one of the dishes that champion everyone's favourite gooey cheese.

Corkage is $12 per bottle, and only one bottle is permitted per person. 

Surry Hills
- 414 Bourke Street
Waverley - 261 Bronte Road

8. Sefa Kitchen

Sefa Kitchen Bondi
Sefa Kitchen, Bondi

One of the best BYO restaurants in Sydney, Sefa Kitchen offers a veritable melting pot of Middle Eastern dishes and flavours.

The menu boasts Levantine influence—the Mediterranean part of the Middle East, which covers Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Cyprus, and the South East corner of Turkey. The different cooking traditions and ethnicities have, over time, created a refined cuisine that truly celebrates the diversity and authenticity of Middle Eastern cooking. Think falafels, tender meats, fresh fish, halloumi, beetroot, fattoush salad, and more!

BYO is available at Sefa Kitchen from Monday - Wednesday and applies to wine only. A $10 corkage fee applies. 

Location: 292 Bondi Road, Bondi

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