Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues Revealed

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Brisbane is on the brink of an electrifying transformation, all jazzed up for the grand spectacle of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.

The city is buzzing with anticipation and rolling out the red carpet with new car-free bridges, a chic riverfront precinct, lush public parks, and a sky-high deck that promises breathtaking 360-degree views. Imagine taking a dip in a floating swimming pool on the Brisbane River—this dream might just become a reality.

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues Revealed

Brisbane 2032 Olympics
Brisbane 2032 Olympics

In a dazzling 8-year countdown to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic games, Brisbane is getting a serious glow-up. According to the big wigs at the Brisbane Olympic Games organising committee, we're talking about a whopping $17.61 billion boost in economic and social goodies. This isn't just a flash in the pan; these upgrades are here to stay, promising to spice up the local scene long after the medals have been handed out. And the most exciting part is that some of these new Olympic venues are opening as early as 2024!

Brisbane's New Sky Deck

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues
Queen's Wharf

Perched atop The Star casino, the Sky Deck is set to be Brisbane's new crown jewel. With its head in the clouds at 250 metres, it's all about luxe views and vibes, making it the place to be for sunset cocktails or a dinner with a view in 2024.

This stunner is part of the swanky $3.6 billion Queen's Wharf shake-up, alongside four plush hotels, the Neville Bonner Bridge in the making, and a treasure trove of 50 new bars, cafes, and boutiques.

Northshore Hamilton's Riverfront Precinct

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues
Brisbane Olympics Athletes' Village

Not to be overshadowed, Northshore Hamilton is getting a makeover, transforming into the vibrant heart of the Brisbane Olympics Athlete Village.

Already known for its lively Eat Street, Northshore Hamilton is set to get even buzzier as it welcomes an influx of new shops, eateries, and cultural hotspots. It’s not just the athletes who get to have all the fun; post-games, this spot is going to be a buzzing hub for locals too.

Victoria Park's Urban Jungle

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues
Victoria Park (Barrambin)

And for those who love a bit of green in their urban jungle, Victoria Park (Barrambin) is morphing into a nature enthusiast's paradise.

The Brisbane City Council's master plan for Victoria Park (Barrambin) is all about walking trails, adventure courses, and even a treehouse lookout with killer views. Plus, it's a nod to cultural heritage, promising a rich tapestry of Indigenous stories and art.

Lang Park Takes Centre Stage

Brisbane 2032 Olympic Venues
Plans to rebuild Gabba Stadium have been scrapped. 

But wait, what about a new stadium for the Olympic fanfare? Turns out, the government's put a pin in that balloon.

In bummer news, the plans to build a shiny new stadium at Victoria Park and rebuild Brisbane's iconic Gabba have been scrapped due to the high costs. 

According to Queensland Premier, Steven Miles "When Queenslanders are struggling with housing and other costs, I cannot justify to them spending $3.4 billion on a new stadium."

So, it's Lang Park that'll be throwing open its doors for the opening and closing ceremonies. 

So, gear up, Brisbane! With a mix of urban upgrades and a dash of sustainable charm, the city's set to sparkle on the global stage. The countdown to 2032 is on, and it's not just about the sports—it’s a celebration of Brisbane’s bold step into the future.

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