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Be warned – you won’t find Casper the Friendly Ghost on any of Brisbane’s ghost tours, but you will have a fun family night out sure to leave chills running down your spine.

Explore Brisbane City landmarks and gravestones after dark and learn about Brisbane’s history and culture at the same time. Winning! 
Only for the brave, these family fright nights are typically for families with kids aged 10 and over. 

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour 

Experience the haunting atmosphere within the walls of Boggo Road Gaol in this 1.5 hour ghost tour. As you explore the cold and damp prison cells and exercise yard, your guide will spook you silly with creepy ghost stories passed on from warders and prisoners. You’ll also learn about the gaol’s history, executions, and life and death inside the gaol. Tours run Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights from 7.30 pm. Note: Boggo Road Gaol has a particularly violent past, so this tour is recommended for those aged 10 and over. 

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Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour (Walk)

A haunted lift, an arcade ghost and undead politician are just some of the creepy tales you’ll hear on the Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour. Uncover Brisbane’s ghostly past as you explore the creepy streets of our river city. You will visit the Haunted Hall and the site of Australia’s earliest documented ghost story. Tours are available every Thursday and Sunday night from 7.30 pm. Family passes are available, as well as discounted tickets for kids aged five to 17. 

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Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

Explore the graves and tombs of this beautiful haunted cemetery, the final resting place of over 120,000 souls. This two-hour historic ghost tour led by an eerie guide will take you behind the gates of one of the most haunted burial grounds in Australia. Hear 13 real ghost stories of haunted graves – including the Black Widow, The Angel and the Black Prince. Locked by day, the only time to explore this burial site is by night – and best you don’t do it alone! 

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South Brisbane (Dutton Park) Cemetery Ghost Tour

Discover the dark side of Dutton Park Cemetery in this ghostly tour. One of Queensland’s oldest cemeteries, it is full of history and haunted tales. In this two-hour tour, you’ll hear stories about local residents, prisoners from nearby Boggo Road Gaol, and murder mysteries. Note: some of the stories shared contain mature themes. 

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St Helena Island Ghost Tour 

Pretend you’re a prisoner for the night and spend an evening at the St Helena Island Prison. This entertaining tour and roving theatre show is fun for the whole family. Prepare to explore the prison and cemetery and hear tales of the island’s ghostly past. You’ll be treated to a dinner, dessert and a sing-along. 

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Newstead House

Probably the most family friendly ghost tour of the lot, is Newstead House. Beautifully preserved, Newstead House is open to the public on weekends. Legendary ghost stories abound in this stately home built in the 1800s. Make sure you keep an eye out for billowing curtains when the windows aren’t open, strange noises, flickering lights and shadowy figures. Many believe the ghost of the Wickham children’s nanny haunts the halls to this day. 

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