Boozy Ice Cream Tubs Are The Treat You❜ve Been Waiting For

  • Parents Only

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

We're a little too thrilled to announce that Häagen-Dazs, internationally-adored ice cream brand, has now released a 'Spirits' range, making for the booziest dessert mums and dads have ever enjoyed. You might want to keep this one hidden away from little ones under a bag of frozen peas...

Alcohol-infused flavours include Rum Vanilla Caramel Blondie, Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, Irish Cream Coffee & Biscotti, Vodka Key Lime Pie, and Rum Ginger Cookie. The possibilities seem endless- a cheeky bowl of this baby on the couch whilst your children dig into plain old vanilla, or even adding a scoop to a boozy milkshake or creamy cocktail. 

If your little sugar hunters manage to pry the tub open and have a few scoops before you hunt them down, don't stress too much. According to Nestle, each tub only has up to 1% alcohol content, so we're sure you won't have any slurry babies on your hands. 

The catch? It seems that right now, the range is only available in Canada, but we're definitely thinking there's plenty of time for this line to come Down Under in time for Summer. 

Indulge responsibly.