Boost Juice Has Released A Vegemite-Flavoured Smoothie

  • All Ages

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Vegemite is the Taylor Swift of spreads - forever reinventing itself. From it's 2.0 renaissance to its collaboration with Cadbury last year, and now this - a duet with Boost Juice. Say.... what?

The Vegemite boost juice combines chocolate, vanilla yoghurt, banana, a hint of Vegemite, and is said to have a salted caramel flavour.

Hmmmm sounds like us mums trying to convince our kids to eat something, "this sugar-free muffin tastes just like chocolate cake, sweetie...." 

Not Easy Being Yeasty

"We knew it was pretty out there. However, Vegemite, when combined with chocolate, banana and dates, really is delicious" Claire Laubner, Managing Director of Boost juice insists. 

The Vegemite boost juice will be available as part of Boost Juice's new Aussie Milk Bar range, a range of smoothies made with real fruit with a twist. Other Aussie classics that will feature are the rocky road and cookies and cream boost. Ok, now we're talking! 

The Vegemite Boost is on sale now until Sunday the 1st of July. 

While you're there, have you tried a broccoli latte?