Are You Bricking Kidding? You Can Turn Yourself Into A Lego Figurine

  • Parents Only

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Ever wanted to be a Lego character? Reckon you look good in yellow with plastic hair? Well, everything is awesome because it's 2018 and you can turn yourself into a Lego-esque toy. Brick Yourself is here to make a replica out of you or your partner or your kids. It's the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person. Or for yourself because like we said it's 2018 and we love to waste our money on frivolous stuff. 

Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure Busy Kid

You can even add accessories to suit the personality of the person you are gifting. Does Becky like a vino after a hard day at the office? You can add a wine and glass accessory. Does Benny like to ride his bike with a baguette in his basket while doing some part time DJing on the weekend? Yep, you can get that. 

Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure Beachgoer with Martini

Brick Me!

All you need to do is upload a picture of you (full frontal), add a few facts, likes, hobbies, a description of that purple t-shirt you always wear. Then Danthebrickman, the genius at Brick Yourself will busy himself creating the best Lego version of you! All for $36.95. 


Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure Geeky Guy with Sudoku

Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure Portable DJ Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure WonderMum Brick Yourself Custom Lego Figure Girl in Blue Pyjamas with Guitar


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