Awesome ANZAC Day Crafts for Kids

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It is one of the most sacred days in the Aussie calendar, and as we prepare for ANZAC Day on 25 April, these crafty, commemorative activities are a perfect way to teach kids more about this important day.

From ANZAC Day wreath craft and how to make your own poppies to our favourite ANZAC biscuit recipes and an inspired ANZAC cupcake, families will love making these 10 DIY projects can help you commemorate and pay tribute to our wartime heroes with little ones and teach them about the significant meaning of the day.

Awesome ANZAC Day Crafts for Kids

Why do we Make Wreaths and Poppies?

Making wreaths and poppies is a beautiful way to get children involved in a local ceremony or personal commemoration.

Wreaths have become symbolic of ANZAC Day remembrance as a way to recognise the service and sacrifice of our veterans. 

Since World War I, wreaths have been laid at memorials to remember those Australians who died in service. Similarly, red poppies, which were among the first plants to bloom across the wasted European battlefields during World War I, are considered to be Australia's commemorative flower of remembrance. This tradition began in the early 1900s and continues to remind us of those that served for our country.

1. Poppy Wreaths

Making A Wreath is one of 10 ANZAC Day Craft And Food Ideas To Commemorate The Day
With a step-by-step guide and video tutorial, you can make this Poppy Wreath.


Bringing both iconic elements together, RSL Queensland has an excellent tutorial for a fun activity you can do with your kids to commemorate ANZAC Day - Make a Poppy Wreath! They also have RSL Education to help teach your kids about this symbolic day.

Our Favourite ANZAC Cookie Recipes

2. Egg Carton Wreaths

Egg Carton Wreath by No Time For Flashcards
Recycle with this ANZAC DAY Egg Carton Wreath


For a DIY ANZAC day project that's equal parts spirit and sustainability, this Egg Carton Wreath by No Time For Flashcards is an ideal way to recycle what you already have at home!  Transform the egg pods into poppy buds and stick them onto a round paper plate (more recycling in action!) to make an adorable remembrance wreath.

3. Patty Pan Poppy Wreaths

Patty Pan Poppy Wreath by Mama.Papa.Bubba
Cupcake patties and green buttons create this crafty ANZAC Day wreath.

Another savvy ANZAC Day craft activity using everyday items you probably have in the pantry is the Patty Pan Poppy Wreath by Mama.Papa.Bubba. uses red cupcake cases to make pretty poppies!  A paper plate again serves as a sturdy base, and the little green buttons on this one add a gorgeous textural element. Very arty!

4. DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Poppy Flowers

DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Poppy Flowers by Mum In The Madhouse
Melted soft drink bottles get new life as perfect ANZAC Day poppies.

This project is slightly more advanced as it involves melting plastic bottles over tealight candles. However, the result is amazing! The DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Poppy Flowers by Mum In The Madhouse uses simple tools, including plastic bottles, Sharpies, tealight candles, and scissors to mould perfect hanging blooms.

5. Free ANZAC Day Poppy Printables

Anzac Day Poppy Printable by Tiny Me
This ANZAC Day Poppy Printable can be used for a bunch of cute craft activities.


This beautifully designed ANZAC Day Poppy Printable by Tiny Me can be used to create an array of adorable little DIY craft activities for little ones. It comes with poppy and wreath templates, plus The ANZAC Day Story for kids. Use your paper poppy as a badge to decorate your home or to create a wreath to commemorate ANZAC Day. Download the Free ANZAC Day Printable.

6. How to Make a Paper Poppy

Make a Paper Poppy tutorial from Be A Fun Mum
Brighten up your kitchen or make someone's day with a cute Paper Poppy this ANZAC Day.

This Make a Paper Poppy tutorial from Be A Fun Mum is a very simple and sweet way to take time out on ANZAC Day.  Using red cupcake cases, straws or paddle pop stick, a black texter and glue, you can create your own commemorative bouquet to display in your home, or you give them out to share the spirit in your community.

7. Remembrance Poppy Potato Prints

Remembrance Poppy Prints
Bright red paint and real poppy seeds make perfect Potato Poppy Prints!

These fun, easy Remembrance Poppy Potato Prints by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots are the perfect craft activity for little ones, using potatoes to print petals and real poppy seeds at the centre. These vibrant artworks will make a beautiful ANZAC Day display, and when you've finished, you could plant it in the garden and see real poppies bloom from the seeds!

8. ANZAC Day Poppy Printable

ANZAC Day Poppy Printable
This free ANZAC Day colouring activity sheet from Bright Star Kids is easy peasy!

Here's another free printable that kids will love to colour in and cut out! This ANZAC Day Poppy Printable from Bright Star Kids is a simple way to get younger children involved in commemorating the ANZACs with a free colouring sheet they can fill in and cut out to create their own unique poppy.

9. ANZAC Biscuits

Five of our Favourite Anzac Biscuit Recipes
Whether you like them chewy, crunchy or both, these ANZAC Biscuit recipes have you covered!

Every Aussie should know how to make these humble biscuits that have stood the test of time since their wartime origins and remain a heartwarming tradition to commemorate our diggers. 

We've compiled five of our favourite ANZAC biscuit recipes so you can bake These delicious sweet treats to your heart's content this ANZAC Day public holiday and beyond! 

10. Easy ANZAC Cupcakes

East ANZAC Cupcakes
Baking enthusiasts can go the extra mile creating an ANZAC biscuit in cupcake form!

If you want to take your ANZAC Day baking to the next level, try these delightful, medal-worthy Easy ANZAC Cupcakes by Tea With Mum. A twist on the classic biscuit, these inspired cupcakes use the familiar flavours to create an impressive, fluffy apple and golden syrup cupcake with a biscuit crumb topping, golden syrup frosting and a mini ANZAC biscuit to top it off.

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