Anzac Day Craft

  • Preschoolers
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In the lead up to Anzac Day on 25th April, bring out the craft box and keep the kids busy with these fun poppy making activities.

Paper Plate Poppies

Paper plates, paintbrush, black paper, pencil, craft glue, scissors

: Use your pencil to roughly design the petals on your poppy and cut it out as shown above. Of course, if your child is capable of drawing and cutting with some accuracy then they could do this step themselves.
STEP 2: Setting up your painting station is easy. It’s a good idea to have everything you need before introducing it to your child, as it makes wondering hands easier to control and you can be ready to begin with some degree of organisation. Let them experiment with the brush and paint, moving it around in circles and making swirls, dots and dashes! Once poppies are painted, set them aside to dry.
STEP 3: The next step is to prepare the black paper for the centre of the flower! You can both buy it or just colour a white one with a black marker. After that, you can ask your child to tear them up. After an hour or two, our poppies are dry and ready for the next step.
STEP 4: Now you can squeeze the craft glue into the poppy and start pasting the black papers on it! And the flower will be ready.

Crepe Paper Poppies

Red crepe paper, red crepe paper, green pipe cleaner, black paper, scissors, pencil, glue

STEP 1: 
The petals –  cut out the poppy shape as shown in figure 1, place this shape on red crepe paper and trace around it with a pencil, cut out the red poppy shape and set aside.
STEP 2: The stalk - Take a pipe cleaner and bend the end over twice at 1cm lengths so that it looks like figure 2. Push the straight end of the pipe cleaner through the middle of the red poppy and continue to thread it through until the bent end sits against the middle of the poppy. Set aside.
STEP 3: The centre –  Cut a small circle out of the black paper and glue onto the centre of the poppy. It should secure the pipe cleaner to the crepe paper. Bend and shape pipe cleaner and poppy petals as you like. Your red poppy is ready!