Allen’s Are Making Christmas Even Sweeter With Customisable Lolly Jars

By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist
Dec 11, 2018

Stuck on a Secret Santa gift for Sue in accounts who you’ve only ever spoken to three times? Got a sweet-toothed family member you’re all out of ideas on what to buy for? Well, disaster averted—Aussie icon Allen’s Lollysmiths are launching a new range of premium bespoke lolly jars to make gift-giving this Christmas a whole lot sweeter. 

The Ultimate Lolly Jar

Available exclusively online at, you’ll be able to tailor your selection with your recipient in mind. No longer will jelly bean haters have to skirt around their foe—you’ll simply be able to leave them out of the selection. 

The process works by simply dragging and dropping which five types of lollies you want to include into the virtual jar, then naming and labelling the jar with your recipients' name and an image if you so desire. Easy as pie!

The Finer Details

The signature glass jars contain 700g of juicy, squish, stretchy and utterly delicious Allens lollies, and jar creators can choose from strawberries and cream, jelly beans, red frogs, snakes, pineapples, jelly raspberries, freckles, jaffas, retro party mix, jelly babies and more.

Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionery, Anna Stewart, said, “We may grow up but we never grow out of sweets, so this Christmas we’ve evolved our Allen’s Lollysmiths range to include fresh, reinvented lollies, available exclusively online.

“With thousands of Aussies heading online to seek out the perfect gift this Christmas, we’ve also made it even easier for our guests to purchase sweet treats with just a few clicks. Get personalised lolly jars, or iconic favourites with a twist delivered straight to your door – there is something for everyone, so you can treat yourself, your family or loved one.

“Our Lolly Experts are working tirelessly to ensure lolly aficionados get their hands on their favourites ahead of Christmas, with an amazing seven tonnes of Australia’s favourite lollies set to be gifted this festive season." Go Allen's!

What makes it even sweeter is that Allen’s Lollysmiths employs 14 staff through the Bedford Group – changing the lives of people with a disability through providing employment opportunities that nurture key social skills within the workplace – to pack and distribute the nation’s tastiest lollies. Nice one! 

Other Gift Options


Lolly lovers can also fill their stockings with new reimagined products including ‘A Prince in Disguise’ – chocolate coated red frogs, and ‘Driving Me Dotty’ – giant milk chocolate freckles, plus limited-edition Allen’s Lollysmiths Seasonal Tins packed with juicy party mix and luscious lollypops.

Perfect for year-round lolly enthusiasts and the people you aren’t sure what to buy for (including Sue from accounts), Allen’s are certainly making Christmas shopping a whole lot easier this year.

My perfet jar will proudly feature red frogs, freckles, retro party mix, strawberries and cream and an extra helping of red frogs, thanks. (Just in case anyone was wondering.)

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