ellaslist Reviews: Breathing Easy with the Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier

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I have an insidious houseguest that just won’t go away. Dust. No matter how often I sweep, vacuum, or dust, it lurks in every corner and crevice, accumulating incessantly. Apart from the fluffy masses I can see, I dread the thought of the millions of tiny particles I can't.

Compounding the challenge, my daughter has a pesky dust mite allergy. While sneezing and a blocked nose are commonplace, full-blown allergic reactions are not. But when they do strike, they can strike hard: uncontrollable sneezing fits, red, watery eyes, congested sinuses, and debilitating drowsiness. It’s not fun at all.

We have tried and tested countless devices and remedies and are yet to find the magical unicorn that can make a real difference. So when the new Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 UVC Air Circulator and Purifier came to town, I was excited to give it a whirl.

ellaslist Reviews: Breathing Easy with the Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier

The easy-to-use Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier.


With a history of nearly 50 years as a global technology leader, Acer has gone beyond laptops to launch wellness and lifestyle products for modern families - and they have brought their A-game into the world of home appliances. The Acerpure Cool is part of their new range of smart, efficient gadgets that drive their mission to promote better health and solve real-life problems.

Newly launched in Australia, the state-of-the-art Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier promised an array of innovative technology to enhance the air quality of our little home, and I couldn't wait to put it to the test - and kick dust to the curb.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier
Breathe better with this innovative lifestyle companion.

The Acerpure Cool isn’t just any old air purifier. It's an all-in-one powerhouse that combines superior purification with effective circulation.

With high-tech UVC purifying wizardry that delivers a million negative ions into the ether (these are nature's purifiers, seizing ultrafine dust particles) and a 4-in-1 HEPA filter (providing an impenetrable barrier against microbial threats), this revolutionary system can absorb 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, and other nasty airborne stuff - an impressive and essential level of purification, especially when dealing with allergies and viruses.

The dual functionality means the Acerpure Cool not only purifies the air but also circulates it efficiently, promoting clean air throughout our home.

My Acerpure Cool arrived in the nick of time for Sydney’s cold, wet spell, which highlighted how handy it will be on those cosy winter days when the windows are closed but we need to combat the stuffiness with some fresh air. Presto - indoor purification and circulation! With the winter lurgies already brewing and COVID-19 still rearing its ugly head, the Acerpure Cool has already provided that added peace of mind.

Sleek Design, Smart Functionality

Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier
Easily control the Acerpure Cool from the remote or your phone!


The Acerpure Cool is designed with practical, user-friendly features, is oozing with the latest technology and is super smart - I can control it all via the remote and from my smartphone with the app, which means I can adjust settings from the car or the couch. Next-level convenience!

One of my favourite features is the Distant Spiral Air Flow & Easy Swinging. This marvel offers superior maneuverability with a 90-degree up-and-down swing and an 80-degree left-to-right oscillation, ensuring every nook and cranny is covered. It quietly and efficiently circulates clean air up to 21 metres, perfect for our home.

The sleek, all-white design adds to its appeal, and its lightweight construction allows us to move it easily between rooms, from my daughter’s bedroom to our communal living space.

At the heart of the device lies the circular LED display that indicates the current air quality, which includes the dust and gas status from the real-time smart sensor: green means good, yellow means moderate, red means poor - and an easy-to-navigate control panel. As soon as you turn it on, the Acerpure Cool gets to work, absorbing pollutants and allergens, bringing the air quality to a 'good' level. 

Designed with the planet and your hip pocket in mind, the Acerpure Cool boasts super energy efficiency thanks to its DC motor. We can even replace our standard fan with it, as it effortlessly distributes cool air - an energy saver in summer too!

Acerpure Cool: The Ultimate Air Quality Companion

Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier
The Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier 

With unpredictable Aussie weather that can swing from bushfires to hail storms, so many of us dealing with allergies, asthma and viruses, and the plethora of pet lovers in our midst, indoor air quality is a big deal. The Acerpure Cool is a breath of fresh air for families.

The Acerpure Cool has already made an impact in our home. It has been a game-changer managing my daughter’s dust mite allergy, with far less sneezing. It has also been an unexpected housekeeping helper, taking our cleanliness to new heights and hastily eliminating odours leaving a freshness in the air. Now we are all breathing easy!

The Acerpure Cool 2-in-1 UVC Air Circulator and Purifier is available in Australia via the Acer Online Store and at Bing Lee.

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