A Wild Time Mask-Making at Royal Randwick Shopping Centre

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By Lauren Joubert, ellaslist explorer

During the school holidays, Royal Randwick Shopping Centre¬†hosts exciting, creative and fun activities for children as part of their Randwick Rascals program. It’s in a perfect spot adjacent to the food court and the toilets, the perfect place to give Mum a bit of peace (enough time to enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee! )

Me and my kids went there last year for Christmas and made a beautiful snowman (an Olaf snowman, according to my daughter). We were very excited to go back and make animal face-masks this time. Starting next week, there will be an entirely different activity happening in the same place, and the kids are always excited to go back for something new and fun (and I can’t wait to go and have another coffee!)

animal mask strip

Mask Making Fun

When we arrived, two lovely hostesses gave us a very warm welcome. They gave the kids a choice of either a cute koala or fluffy cockatoo (my 4 year old daughter chose both, of course! My 2 year old son opted for the koala).
The hostesses gave the kids an apron, helped them to put it on and invited them to choose a table and seat to start their art and craft activities.

Masks were painted in no time at all (too quick for my taste… I wouldn’t have minded another coffee!). The kids then had to use glue for the koala to stick the nose and fluffy ears on. This was a highlight for my daughter as she is currently going through a glueing phase, so was very happy with this task! ¬†The kids really enjoyed the mask making, with a preference for the cockatoo as a final product thanks to the bright colours and fluffy feathers.

animal mask strip 2

My son preferred the messy play, trying to put his hands in the paint pot. He was more interested in painting the table than the mask, so thankfully each table was protected with plastic!

Exploring the Shops

Our favourite moment was when we picked up the completed masks after they were all dry. We had to kill an hour in the shopping centre waiting for them to be set and ready, so we had lunch and of course, I had another coffee.

Kids of all ages can try this activity as they get a lot of help and assistance to glue, paint, cut, and clean from the lovely hostesses.

We had a lovely time, and found a nice cafe with a great play area for the kids within a 5 minute walk from the shopping centre. Can’t wait to go back there for more fun activities.

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