6 DIY Craft Kits for Kids to Inspire Creativity During Lockdown

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If you’re trying to keep kids entertained during lockdown, you’re likely feeling the pressure to do something new, creative and interesting—none of which comes easily in times of isolation and home-schooling madness!

To ease the burden, we’ve compiled a list of 6 epic craft kits from Luna & Co Designs—all of which promise to harness energy, focus and a whole lot of creativity. These kits offer a variety of tools and chances to get creative—each one is bursting with different activities and ways to use the materials. And one of the best parts? They’re all free if you use your NSW Creative Kids Voucher!

1. The Blush Craft Kit

The ultra-fun Blush Craft Kit is absolutely brimming with ways to get creative. The pack includes the chance to build your own bunny or bear, paint your own ceramics, make your own boho dream catcher and more.

Materials include fabric markers for multiple uses, ceramic paint pens for multiple uses, Polymer Clay Tools, a re-usable doily and baking paper, needle and thread, paint and paintbrush, beads and feathers, glue stick, premium pencils and pastels. The perfect chance to engage young minds in something different, this craft kit is a sure-fire winner!

2. The Ultimate Boho Kit

Whimsical and fun, the Ultimate Boho Kit presents the chance to create dreamcatchers, a macramé feather bag tag, sensory beading, plaster painting as well as tie-dye and calico items!

3. Tie-Dye Kit

6 DIY Craft Kits for Kids to Inspire Creativity During Lockdown
Ready, set, tie-dye! This ultra-fun kit will provide hours of creativity at home.

A new addition to the Luna & Co Design line-up, this unique Tie-Dye Kit boasts a 3 pack of tie-dye, neon, glow-in-the-dark options, twisters to create crazy and fun effects on clothes, backpacks, shoes and more. Kids will love getting creative with clothing and updating their wardrobe while they’re at it!

4. Teen Polymer Clay Kit

Perfect for teenagers and offering a wonderful chance to get creative with clay, this Polymer Clay Kit can be used to make jewellery like necklaces, pendants and earrings, alongside other accessories like key rings.

5. Create & Skate Craft Deck

Create & Skate Craft pack
Offering a wonderful opportunity to get creative and have something epic to show for it, this skateboard craft kit is an excellent pick for lockdown!

A great choice for those who want to create something fun and different to display in their bedroom, this Create & Skate Craft Deck includes a real-size skate deck, vinyl stickers, premium metallic paint pens, premium pencils, clay foam, DIY spinning tops and more.

6. The Blue Craft Kit

Like the Blush Craft Kit, the selection offered in the Blue Craft Kit is a great way of introducing lots of types of craft into your child’s repertoire. This kit includes invitations to do clay-based activities, learn to sew and weave, plaster painting, build your own bunny or bear and plenty more.

Use Your NSW Creative Kids Voucher

Luna & Co Designs are currently offering free shipping on all craft kits—and because all of the ones listed above come in right on budget at $100, they're essentially free if you use your NSW Creative Kids Voucher! Simply have your voucher ready when you make your order and follow the instructions on this page. Happy crafting, everyone! 

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