10 Of The Funniest Things Sleep-Deprived Mums Have Done

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By: Marie Ashworth, ellaslist

Your alarm is going off. You can barely open your eyes. Was it three or four times you got up to settle one of your babies during the night? You roll over to swipe your buzzing mobile off and discover one of your little sleep destroyers is curled up right next to you. Then it’s the crazy morning drill of getting everyone clothed, fed, watered and out of the house on time.

Is it any surprise us sleep-deprived Mums have some cracking stories to tell…those ‘whoops’ moments when we didn’t quite get through the day unscathed?

I remember a friend’s experience during her first week back at work after maternity leave. She’d managed her three kids’ drop-offs masterfully. She’d got to work on time for her first meeting of the day. What she didn’t realise was that she’d left her parked car with the engine running, the keys in the ignition and the driver’s door wide open. The first she knew of it was the email, sent to the entire office, describing the car and its situation in detail. She read it in the middle of her meeting and quickly made her excuses to rescue it before any opportunistic thieves got there first!

Tired Mum leaves car key in the ignition

Exhausted parents recently shared their first-hand experiences on Buzzfeed Community. Here’s 10 hilarious tales of what happened when their reserve tank of sleep ran out.

1. “I walked out to my car and strapped my son into his car seat before I realized that I didn’t have pants on”


2. “I was so tired I forgot our son’s name. I gestured to the monitor and asked my husband, ‘How’s what’s-his-face doing?”

— Megan O’Laughlin Nordheim

3. “I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and was surprised to find I felt warm and wet. Turns out I was so tired that I was peeing on the couch instead of in the toilet. I had literally pulled down my pants, sat down on the couch, and started peeing as if I were on the toilet”

- steviemimbela

Please Do Not Pee Here

4 “My oldest wasn’t even two when I had my second child. That first week was a blur. One night I got up to feed the baby and heard snoring as I walked past the kitchen. Turns out I’d forgotten to take the older one out of her high chair and she’d fallen asleep, using her spaghetti as a pillow”

— lindaleeu

5. “I filled a sippy with milk and handed it to the dog. When he didn’t take it I got annoyed and said, ‘Well? Here you go!’ It took me a full five seconds to realize he wasn’t the 2-year-old”


Exhausted mum

6. “I was breastfeeding my oldest in my living room wearing only a bra and pants. There was a knock at the door so I got up to answer it with my breast still hanging out of my bra. The UPS guy was shocked and kept looking away. I didn’t even realize what I’d done until hours later.”


7. “After pumping milk at 3 a.m. I walked into the kitchen and dumped it all down the drain. I screamed the second I realized what I did. I’d gone into zombie-cleaning mode without thinking”

— Kelly Lynch


8. “I once tried to put on a pull-up instead of underwear after showering. Then I cried when I couldn’t get it on.”


9. “I walked right up to my husband and put our son’s pacifier into his mouth.”

— oliviad446b8ead8

10. “I finished a full grocery shopping trip, then fastened the baby into her car seat and drove away — leaving all of the groceries in the cart in the parking lot”

- wilheminaintx