10 of the Best Kid-Friendly April Fool❜s Day Pranks to Play on the Family

Spice up the school run on the first of April this year with these crazy, silly pranks to play on the kids.

Why have a normal breakfast when you can plant a special surprise instead? Get the whole family laughing with these outrageous bits of fun.

1. How did I get here?

After your children have gone to sleep on March 31, sneak into their rooms and switch them around in their beds. When they wake up they will have no idea how they got there or what's going on. What better way to start April 1!!

2. What's wrong with my food?

The night before, make your child's cereal as you usually would in the morning, but pop it in the freezer instead.

The next morning, serve it up with a smile while you watch the kids try to figure out why their spoon won't go in the milk! 

3. Never mind your food, why can't I drink my juice?!

Because it's not juice, it's jelly - made prior in a cup with a straw sticking out and served alongside your breakfast just like a real juice would be. April Fool!

4. Why is everyone looking at me?

You mean all those googly eyes stuck onto everything in the fridge? Who put those there? Even the milk!

5. Um what's wrong with the toilet?

That would be the cling wrap that we wrapped over the toilet bowl before putting the lid down... works especially well with boys. 

Beware the cleanup though!

6. Why don't my shoes fit any more?

Check the toes - we stuffed them with tissues when you weren't looking!

7. Have I wandered into Upsy Down Town?

It would seem that way. All the photo frames and books and knick knacks are all upside down... everything moveable, in every room of the house. Surprise!

8. Oh my goodness, what's that?!

You tell me! Send the kids off on a mission to check the letter box - but among the bills and leaflets, leave a little surprise. A dinosaur toy, a sensor-activated animal growl, a mailbox full of confetti - the possibilities are endless!

9. Yay! Money!

Not so fast - try picking it up. Yeah that's right, we superglued it to the ground last night. Gotcha!

10. How does everybody know my name?

Ah, you must have missed the part where we stuck a poster on the back of the car asking other motorists to honk and wave and wish you a Happy April Fool's Day!

Go forth and be sneaky!