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VR Kingdom is the premier Virtual Reality (VR) destination in Sydney, which offers multiplayer, free roam VR Escape Room adventures, VR Shooting Games, VR Laser Tag and VR Arcade Games. At VR Kingdom all their VR games and experiences are wireless so you don’t need to be stuck to a cable or seated in one spot which takes away from the immersion which is what virtual reality is all about. With Australia’s largest range of VR games and experiences, we really do have Something For Everyone!

VR Kingdom is the premier Virtual Reality (VR) destination in Sydney.


VR Kingdom was the winner of the Local Business Awards for the most Outstanding Entertainment/Recreation Business and a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

VR Escape Rooms:

Whether you're after adventure or sci-fi, you can escape reality in VR Escape Rooms for up to an hour and a half of fun! Try Jungle Quest for a fun family adventure, or Survival to see if you can survive and get off a deserted island, or would you prefer a space adventure on a Space Station in Eclipse, or saving Notre Dame from burning down? 

Test Your Wit and Skills at VR Escape Rooms.


The VR Escape Rooms adventures are suitable for 10 years and above. Prices start from $45.00 and cater to 1 - 6 players depending on the game and VR Kingdom has 2 dedicated VR escape room areas so you can run 2 games at the same time in 2 different rooms, enabling up to 12 players to be playing at the same time. VR Kingdom has more than 20 different types of feature VR Escape Room adventures and are adding more all the time.

VR Shooting Games:

Fight against your friends in either “everyone for themselves” or in a “team-vs-team” mode in the 8 player PVP shooting game. With body tracking, haptic vests (with some games) and high-quality graphics this game takes VR PVP shooting games to a whole other level. This game is suitable for those aged 10 years and above and prices start from $45.00. 

Safe Night, the zombie shooting game,  is set in 2041. The world has been in ruins for several years after the nuclear war. Radiation has affected all living creatures, turning those who survived into irradiated and mutating monsters. Only some people have not been affected - including you! This game can take up to 4 players at a time (6 players coming soon) and is suitable for those aged 16 years and above and prices start from $45.00. 

Or try a ARVI Arena which is a futuristic PvP (Player-vs-Player) game for up to 8 people 

VR Kingdom has more than 10 feature VR Shooting & Combat Games and are adding more all the time.

Experience all the thrills without the Danger at VR Shooting Games.

VR Mixed Session:

Try 3 different games in 30 minutes. Zombie shooting, Sci-Fi shooting and an Adventure game. Each game is 8-12 minutes each, depending on the game so the three of them will be around a 30 minute session.

VR Arcade Games:

For those with younger kids, there is Snow Slingers VR which is suitable for kids aged 6 +, Creed Rise of Glory and Angry Birds VR Isle Of Pigs and many more popular titles. The VR Arcade Games are priced from $20.00. There are also other VR arcade games that are suitable for the 10+, 12+ and 16+ age group all starting from $20.00.

VR Kingdom has VR Arcade Games for those with younger kids.

Group Bookings:

VR Kingdom is a great place for a fun and unique VR experience for any group bookings or celebrations including birthday parties, bucks/hens parties, corporate events or team building activities. VR Kingdom can have up to 18 people playing VR at the same time.

VR At Your Place:

They also have VR games and experiences that they can bring to you at your home, office, function or event including escape rooms, shooting games and arcade games.


Bookings are essential. The experiences are generally for 2-8 players. With 3 different game areas, VR Kingdom can accommodate a total of up to 18 people per session, depending on the game or experience. Session times range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the game.


VR Kingdom is open 

Monday to Wednesday: 11am - 7:00 pm 

Thursday to Sunday and 11am to 9pm


Shop 1a, Eastlakes Shopping Centre, 19a Evans Ave, Eastlakes

For more information, visit VR Kingdom's website



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