Toy Libraries in the Inner West

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Down with waste, down with landfill!

A toy library is a place where parents or carers can go to borrow a large variety of educational toys, puzzles and games on a regular basis. If you are short on storage space or just have kids whose interest in their toys is as short as a goldfish’s attention span, then this is definitely well worth a look. Much like a regular library, you can borrow toys for a couple of weeks at a time and rotate them so you can keep the kids stimulated. It’s extremely economical and environmentally friendly! Click here to find a toy library in Sydney.

For information on your nearest Inner West toy libraries, click below:

Lennox House Toy Library (available to Playgroup users only, $20 per year)

Surry Hills Toy Library

Leichhardt Toy Library

Haberfield Toy Library 

Balmain Toy Library 

Glebe Library

Waterloo Library