The Ghosts of Ruddigore by Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Sydney

  • Fri Oct 05 - Sun Oct 14 2018
  • Family
  • $0.00

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Michael Jackson eat your heart out! Long before he was writing songs like Thriller, with all its ghosts and spooky characters, Gilbert & Sullivan, the masters of comic opera, wrote The Ghosts of Ruddigore.

Set in a village called Rederring, this fun show will delight kids with its silly characters, some of whom only speak in biblical verse or in nautical terms! Mayhem abounds in this lively production with stunning colourful costumes which centres around Robin Oakapple, a shy, upstanding gentleman farmer who is desperately trying to escape an evil curse! He's in love with Rose Maybud and wants to her to marry him, but how can he do this if he falls victim to a curse that says he has to commit a crime every day of his life or die?

Find out how Robin wins Rose's love and return to a tranquil, virtuous life on the farm.

Where:    Smith Auditorium Lyric Theatre, Shore School, William Street, North Sydney
When:     5 - 14 October 2018
Cost:       Adults - $45; Kids - $25

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Haroid Roper

Oct 08 2018

The question is will kids enjoy a light opera based on a complicated plot, with much love, but some bullying? Well, have they seen fairy tales presented on stage and enjoyed them? If so, then the step between the two is not so great. And this is the opportunity of introducing them to some of the most melodious music and patter songs ever composed, It is superbly played by a full orchestra, and the singing is throughout catchy and rhythmic. The show has a wonderfully able cast, all of whom have highly trained voices, and are beautifully dressed. There is a witch, who overcomes her wild ways, a young girl, whose joyous dancing goes with some impish behaviour, lots of serving maids, several handsome grooms with a bevy of brides, who are tendered by beautifully dressed bridesmaids. And they all sing individually, in duets and in larger choruses. A warning of the appearance of a splendidly clad ancestral ghost is given by the words "Beware, beware, beware!" as he steps out of his painting, He and other ancestors berate the hero for not being unkind, and he is forced to carry of a maiden, This he does with most unexpected outcomes which lead to a joyous ending for all. It is quite possible that any child's reaction may be, "Didn't understand it at all, but gee it was so good." And these days that is as good as it gets!