SpanishMI - School Holiday Programs and Term 3 Enrolment

  • Mon Jul 04 - Fri Sep 23 2022
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Hola! Ever wished you could speak another language? Ever wanted your children to have a bilingual brain from an early age? Children are naturally acquiring language skills in first eight years of life. Spanish lessons for babies, toddlers, kids (and adults) in the most beautiful Boutique Academy.


Music, Play and Fun for Babies and Toddlers

This is for Babies 3 months to 2 years old.

Children will naturally start to identify Spanish sound frequencies through music stimulation to create a positive and long-lasting relationship with language acquisition. 

Why you will love it!

  • Music, Sensory Play, Storytelling, First Spanish Words and lots of Fun, all in Spanish.
  • Proven benefits to the baby's developing brain and cognitive abilities.
  • Emotional connection to the language.
  • Great to help bilingual parents in their journey to raise bilingual children.
  • Bonding time between baby & parent or guardian.


This is for kids 3 to 5 years old.

These group lessons are full of music, pretend-plating, storytelling, sounds, drawing, and lots of Spanish speaking. Children will naturally immerse in Spanish to catch its nuances, learn its basics and create a positive and long-lasting relationship with language acquisition. 

Why you will love it!

  • Your child will learn a skill for life and power their brain.
  • If you already speak Spanish at home, you will start getting a reply in Spanish. 
  • Your child will learn the basic numeracy and literacy in Spanish.
  • You child will speak and play with other kids in Spanish.


For new learners and those with one year or less of Spanish tuition. 

These group lessons follow the main topic per term to explore vocabulary, verbs and feelings. Children will learn to make questions in Spanish, express likes and dislike and communicate their feelings. Our nativ, experienced, loving teachers use the most up-to-date and high quality learning methods. We write, listen, read and speak Spanish in all other classes, ensuring children acquire their second language naturally as they develop their mother tongue. 

Why you will love it!

  • Your child will learn a second language, a skill for life!
  • Expand your connection and knowledge to the Spanish Speaking world.
  • Your child (or you) won't get bored or unmotivated. 


Students who are exposed to Spanish at home, or those who have studied it as a second language for at least two years.

These group lessons target speaking and listening, writing, reading and listening. Students will develop their Spanish skills through short video-stories, group exercises, and fun dynamics. Past and simple future tenses are introduced and used, and vocabulary is expanded. Singing and dancing are part of the class.

Why you will love it!

  • Your child will expand their Spanish vocabulary and grammar.
  • Your child will get a confidence boost speaking in a second language.
  • Your kid will be motivated to learn, and their cultural awareness will increase.


For kids who speak Spanish at home or those with at least four years of Spanish tuition.

If your child already speaks Spanish but wants to gain confidence and improve grammar and writing skills, this is a perfect class.

Why you will love it!

  • Your child will speak Spanish fluently, building his vocabulary, writing and reading skills.
  • Your child will connect with Latin or Hispanic roots by learning about the cultures and the countries.
  • Your child will speak Spanish with other kids their age (finally!).
  • You will be giving them a skill for life and a tremendous asset to future job opportunities.

Holiday Programs

Polar Adventure

The coolest holiday workshop is coming to town. So rug up and get your kids ready for a Polar advenuture in Spanish.

We plan a 3 hour workshop full of Fun, polar bears, environmental awareness and lots of Spanish. All guided by our native Spanish speaking teachers and Oso Manolo, our special fluffy guest from the Arctic.

Kids 4-7 years old

  • Tuesday 5 July 2022,  9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 13 July 2022,  9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Thursday 14 July 2022,  9.30am - 12.30pm

Kids 8-12 years old

  • Wednesday 6 July 2022,  2pm - 5pm
  • Thursday 7 July 2022,  9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Tuesday 12 July 2022, 2pm - 5pm

Where:   Suite 1, Level 1, 77 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest
When:    Winter School Holidays 2022
Cost:      From $72 (including all materials)

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