Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age exhibition exclusive to Australian Museum

  • Sat Nov 18 2017 - Sun May 13 2018
  • All Ages
  • Children under 4 Free

Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age Exhibition at the Australian Museum

Meet Lyuba, a 42,000 year-old fully intact baby mammoth. Found in Russian Siberia in 2007, Lyuba visited five different countries before travelling to Australia, accompanied by a group of Russian museum workers. Lyuba’s fully intact condition is attributed to Siberian herder Yuri Hoody, the man who discovered her. Afraid of destroying a single part of the animal, Yuri travelled 150 km to the nearest town to report the discovery. If Lyuba had not been found by humans, wild animals would have found her leaving only the remnants of the baby mammoth. Today, there is no other mammoth in the world like Lyuba so well persevered.

Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age was developed by the Chicago’s Field Museum and includesdifferent types of fossils, casts and cave drawings, but Lyuba is the main attraction of thisexhibition. Explore how mammoths and mastodons lived with othergiant creatures like short-facedbears and sabre-toothed cats. Joust with mammoth tusks, touch the teeth of the colossal mastodon, and feel mammoth fur between your fingertips. Experience Palaeolithic cave art and learn why early humans both hunted and honoured these majestic animals.

Book now for this thrilling family exhibition which is exclusive to the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Open until May 13, 2018.

When: 9:30am to 5:00pm every day from Saturday 18 November 2017 to 13 May 2018

Where: Australian Museum (corner of William and College Streets, Sydney CBD)

Cost: Adults $20, Child (aged 5–16) $12, Concession $16


Image: Australian Museum