Gut Bacteria Reef VR Experience

  • Wed Jul 14 - Wed Sep 15 2021
  • Kids
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The Kellogg’s Gut Bacteria Reef is an interactive VR experience designed to teach people about gut health.

In a world-first, the invisible has been made visible. Now you can get up close to the organisms and diverse flora that live inside the gut, and learn about the importance of fibre in maintaining this thriving ecosystem. This experience will be live at the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium as part of their Great Barrier Reef exhibit when COVID restrictions permit, but until then has been put online for everyone to enjoy!

Just like any healthy ecosystem, a rise in the dominance of one or more species can upset the balance and affect its overall health. To educate people on the importance of this, Kellogg’s created an immersive and educational VR experience called the Gut Bacteria Reef—where viewers can travel into the gut in a virtual submarine to uncover the inner workings of the gut ecosystem for the very first time.

Let your gut dive instructor take you on an exciting journey inside the human gut, where you can learn all about the types of food and fibre that help healthy gut flora grow. Here's how to enjoy the game.

1. Single Player

Shrink down as you work your way through the hidden world of your gut ecosystem. You will need to pay attention to the schools of bacteria species that swim past if you want to sustain the Gut Bacteria Reef.

2. Diverse Ecosystem

Explore the living organisms that occupy the Gut Bacteria Reef (and your gut). A rise in the dominance of one or more species can upset the balance in either ecosystem and affect its overall health.

3. Fibre Feeder

Fibre helps good bacteria to grow and thrive. Select the right mix of foods and fibre to load the fibre feeder, helping good bacteria multiply and overwhelm the bad bacteria.

Where:   Online, check out on STEAM
When:    Online
Cost:      FREE

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