Get Kids Excited About Music: SYO❜s Meet The Orchestra in The North Shore

  • Sun May 12 2019
  • Family
  • From: $15.00

Do your kids love music? Why not introduce them to orchestral music with Meet The Orchestra performed by the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

Meet the Orchestra concerts are a wonderful way to introduce orchestral music to families and young children.

The conductor stands on the podium and raises the baton, then suddenly whish! – with a gesture the music begins! The flutes flutter sweetly, the violins trill and the trumpets blast bright and loud notes ‘buuh buuuh-bu-BUP!’

Performed by the SYO’s Peter Seymour Orchestra, this relaxed and informal concert has been specially designed to be interactive, informative and most importantly, lots of fun! The SYO conductor, John Ockwell and SYO musicians will help guide children through the different wind instruments and their individual sounds.

Children are encouraged to join in. Stomp your feet to the timpani drum beat, clap your hands to the big, brass tubas, dance gently to the delicate flutes and wiggle along to the clarinet! Additional Information: Young children are welcome at Sydney Youth Orchestra concerts.

For all performances, children two years of age or older must have a ticket (even if the accompanying adult intends to sit the child on his/her knees). 

Where:     Grand Hall, Mosman Art Gallery
When:      Sunday 12 May 2019; 9.30am & 11am
Cost:        $25 adults; $15 kids (under 2yrs FREE)

For more information, visit the website.

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