Train Your Brain: Neurofeedback Sessions For Peak Performance

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Train Your Brain Neurofeedback is a certified healthcare provider offering safe, non-medical brain training services for families. Their team has been trained directly by the American and Canadian inventors of their innovative NeurOptimal® system.

What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a Brain Training technique that uses advanced technology to measure brain activity, providing tangible real-time feedback. Neurofeedback sessions are suited for anyone who would like to enhance their brain function, regardless of whether or not they have any sort of diagnosis. It is like a gym for your brain, strengthening that vital organ to perform at its optimal level.

Research into Neurofeedback has seen demonstrated improvements in cognition, mood, memory, attention and controlling emotions, as well as decreased signs of depression and anxiety. Train Your Brain Neurofeedback can also be helpful for supporting ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Autism, migraines, sleep disorders and more.

Why Try Train Your Brain Neurofeedback?

At their clinic in Sydney's Upper North Shore, Train Your Brain Neurofeedback offers safe, non-invasive, personalised therapy sessions using NeurOptimal®  - an advanced, dynamic method, designed to train the brain to function at its highest potential. 

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is the latest generation in neurotechnology, using computers to increase speed and efficiency. It tracks the brain's electrical activity a staggering 256 times per second in real time, providing feedback through audio and visual cues. It encourages brain plasticity by activating the central nervous system, making the mind more adaptable to change. This unique and effective brain training method leverages the brain’s natural ability to self-organise and optimise itself, allowing it to develop on its terms.

Find Out More About Train Your Brain Neurofeedback

Train Your Brain Neurofeedback is ready to help! Have questions? Just call  0458 669 666 or email [email protected].

Train Your Brain (Neurofeedback) is located at Level 2 Corporate house offices, 25 Ryde Road, Pymble.

Find out more about Train Your Brain Neurofeedback.

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