The Pittwater House School

Pittwater House School is a twin-schooling school that has combined the best of both worlds in an innovative learning environment. As one of the most spacious schools on the Northern Beaches, the School gives your child space to thrive - mentally, physically and socially.

At Pittwater House, they go beyond the standard curriculum to prepare students for the real world.

Pittwater House allows your child to thrive. They discover and develop their innate talents and have the opportunity to explore and reach their potential.

Pittwater House offers a wide range of academic, drama, music, visual arts and sports programs, along with numerous personal development and leadership programs. Learn more about the extra-curricular opportunities.

They teach more than the curriculum. They teach critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. They build confidence and leadership skills.

Read about the academic achievements.

How it works

What is twin schooling? It's single-sex classes on a co-educational campus.

We all know boys and girls learn differently, yet there are many advantages to co-educational learning. 

At Pittwater House, we call it 'twin schooling', and you might have heard it called 'parallel education' or 'gender-biased learning'.

This gives your child all the advantages of gender-specific teaching combined with the many social benefits of a co-educational campus.

Real-world learning

Pittwater House provides a finely tuned blend of single and mixed-gender learning to ensure your child is equipped for the real world.

Although their Early Childhood Centre classes are fully co-educational, their Kindergarten to Year 2 students participate in mixed-gender ability-level groups for Reading, Phonics and Maths only. All other classes are single-sex. From Year 3 to the end of Year 8, all classes are taught in single-sex classrooms, with teachers utilising gender-based strategies to optimise learning and confidence.

In Years 9 and 10, students participate in mixed-gender classes for three elective subjects but continue to have single-sex classes for English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE).

Form classes, which are the cornerstone of the pastoral care programs, remain single-sex all the way from Kindergarten until Year 10. This ensures a nurturing and safe environment where students feel comfortable raising sensitive issues.

By Years 11 and 12, all classes, including Form classes, are mixed to prepare students for life after school.

Advantages of twin schooling

Research shows psychological differences between how males and females think, communicate, behave and learn.

For example, boys prefer problem-solving and activity-based learning, whereas girls benefit from cooperative learning achieved in small groups.

the teachers use gender-specific strategies specially designed for an all-boy or all-girl classroom and provide engaging subject matter tailored by gender. Using this approach, we find students are less distracted, have a greater sense of achievement and have higher self-esteem.

At the same time, students have the opportunity to socialise in stage-appropriate co-educational playgrounds and spaces between classes and participate in co-educational school events and co-curricular activities.

That's where the Pittwater House campus really shines. Neurological research suggests that completely separating boys and girls changes their ability to empathise and understand the other gender. Hence, their students develop the skill and confidence to work, collaborate and relate with the opposite gender, setting them up for success at university and in the workplace.

Early Childhood Centre

Pittwater House - Early Childhood Centre provides exceptional preschool education for children aged 3-5 years.

It provides pre-schoolers with an early learning experience that engages their senses, stimulates their innate curiosity and nurtures their budding intellectual, social and emotional growth.

The team at Pittwater House are highly trained and experienced professionals who are devoted to providing quality care and education. The educators are committed to their ongoing professional development in the field of early childhood education and continually collaborate to share insights and learnings that benefit the young children in their care.

The centre is located in a secure, purpose-built learning environment within the Pittwater House School campus. It boasts two autonomous outdoor spaces, an undercover sandpit and an interactive sustainability garden. The Early Childhood Centre is also able to utilise facilities within the broader Pittwater House school campus.

Comprised of two classes - the Bilbies (3-4 year-olds) and the Possums (4-5 year-olds), the high educator-student ratio ensures each child's developmental needs are nurtured and tracked.

Enrolment forms for the Early Childhood Centre can be found on the How to Enrol page.

Junior School

Students are taught in single-sex classes for all years, from Kindergarten to Year 7. They keep the class sizes small so teachers can cater to your child's learning needs, style and ability.

The entire structure is developed around the unique twin schooling approach of single-sex classes on a co-educational campus. This structure provides them with outstanding academic education and the opportunity to socialise in a real-world environment.

The Junior School includes the Junior Girls' College and the Preparatory School and runs from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The Junior Girls' College and Preparatory School offer single-sex classes within a co-educational campus, giving your child the best of both single-sex and co-ed schooling. Learn more about the twin schooling approach.

Within this structure, the caring teachers are able to identify and enrich your child's talent - be it academic, creative, sports-related or leadership-oriented. The teachers pay close attention to your child. They notice when your child is struggling. They notice when they are ready for more challenges. They know how to engage and encourage students. Through this level of attention, the teachers are able to provide your child with the support they need to thrive.

Pittwater House builds critical thinking and technology skills with a focus on collaboration, communication and creative problem-solving. All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, including iPads and interactive whiteboards. From Year 5 onwards, students bring their own devices (BYOD).

Arts in the Junior School

Music, dance and visual arts are part of the weekly lessons. These take place in the beautiful onsite Creative Arts Centre, Art Rooms and Music Cottage.

They provide a music program from Kindergarten onwards. Every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument. They can play in a band, an ensemble, or an orchestra or join the choir.

All Junior School students have dance classes during school hours. Numerous extra-curricular opportunities for music, dance and drama are on offer.

Learn more about the extra-curricular opportunities.

Sports in the Junior Schools

The Junior School has full access to all the sporting facilities, including a heated pool, multi-purpose playing fields, all-weather courts and an indoor sports complex.

Your child will discover and hone their abilities in a wide range of sports, including both social and competitive/representative sports.

Learn more about the sports program.

Outdoor education

From Year 2 onwards, students get out into nature through age-appropriate outdoor education programs. This includes residential camps for older students.

They encourage each child to extend their comfort zone and take on new challenges. Learn more about the outdoor education.

Pastoral care in the Junior School

Kindergarten to Year 6 is a time of unparalleled development for children. Every day they're learning who they are, how to build healthy relationships and how to overcome social and emotional challenges.

Pittwater House, pastoral care programs provide a network of care and support for every child.

In addition to the ongoing attention from Form class teachers and buddies, students also benefit from the gender-specific programs on self-esteem, bullying and more. Learn more about pastoral care at Pittwater House.

Senior School

Teenage years can be tough, from early adolescence to the rigours of the HSC.

The teachers prioritise mental and emotional health, and your growing adolescent will feel supported, valued and cared for.

They run formal and informal positive psychology and positive education programs to build genuine self-esteem and emotional resilience.

Learn more about pastoral care at Pittwater House.

Co-education at its best

Senior School is where the twin schooling approach really shines.

Pittwater House maintains the Boys' Grammar School and Girls' College with single-sex Form classes and pastoral care.

They start to introduce mixed-gender classes from Year 7 onwards for one elective subject, moving to three elective subjects in Year 9. All classes in Years 11 and 12 are mixed, so senior students gain lifelong skills in working with both genders, which is vital for success at university and the workplace.

Senior School's curriculum

From dance to French to industrial technology, your child can choose from a wide variety of elective subjects in addition to the compulsory core subjects set by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Arts in Senior School

Pittwater House is renowned for its Creative Arts programs. Your child has the opportunity to join numerous bands, ensembles, choirs and orchestras; take part in major dramatic productions; try out for a dance troupe or discover their talent in photography, digital media or visual arts.

Learn more about music and the arts at Pittwater House.

Sports in Senior School

A huge variety of sports are offered at Pittwater House, across a 3.5-hectare campus. They are fortunate to have outstanding sporting facilities, including an eight-lane heated swimming pool, an indoor sports complex, multi-purpose playing fields and all-weather courts for tennis, netball, basketball and more. Learn more about the facilities.

Students can take part in inter-school sports competitions, with the opportunity to qualify for regionals, state and nationals.

Leadership and development

Personal development is a priority at Pittwater House. They offer many opportunities, including the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award scheme, global travel through World Challengeoutdoor education and the Cadets program.

Please see The Pittwater House School for more information and to enrol.