Spacer: The Marketplace For Space

The Marketplace For Space!

By: Jody Moses, ellaslist

Every now and again, I come across a concept or an idea that makes me want to kick myself. Literally! “Why didn’t I think of that?” I seethe.

I’m annoyed, because the idea is inevitably so simple, yet so brilliant.

Spacer is THAT idea. Brilliant, because it offers an incentive and a reward at the same time.

It works like this: You HAVE space. You rent it out. You make money. OR, you NEED space, you find it in your local area, it costs way less than traditional storage and voila! You’re sorted.

Earn Some Extra Cash

I’m always looking for ways to make extra money. I love the rush of a quick sale on Ebay or Gumtree, but what Spacer offers that other money-making initiatives don’t, is an ongoing income by simply renting out space you’re not using.

Hosts can make roughly $100 to $300 a month just for renting out vacant space.

With soaring house prices pushing many people into smaller homes to save money, many of us are finding we’re running out of space for things we don’t need or use everyday.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Spacer provides the answer with affordable storage in local neighbourhoods, rather than expensive storage in massive warehouses many kilometres away.

If you’re a stay-at-home mum and find you have spare time on your hands, take a look around your home and see if there’s a bit of space that could earn you a sustainable income, of up to several hundred dollars a month.

Whether it’s an attic, a garage, an unused driveway, a garden shed or a basement, Spacer gives you the potential to turn space into a guaranteed ongoing income. Like I said, it’s brilliant!

Time to Declutter?

So Simple to List your Space

We love that Spacer is also really simple to use.

  • Create a listing with the type of space and access you have to offer

  • Upload photos of your unused area

  • Set the price and state the conditions, you make the rules

  • Review prospective renters

  • Accept or reject rental offers and agree on a move-in date

  • Sit back and watch your extra income roll in

People want to store caravans, cars, furniture, boats or just a few boxes. So list any space, either inside or outside, that is not being used.

For renters, Spacer’s prices are typically 50 per cent of what one would pay at traditional self-storage facilities and users pay on a month-to-month basis with no lock-ins.

So take stock this weekend, tidy up, clear out and make some space in your home that could be used to save for a family holiday or pay a monthly household bill.

Or, if you’re in desperate need of storage, check out Spacer and see if there’s an affordable storage solution close by that suits your needs.