PuzzleTrails: Exploring Fun For Everyone!

  • Preschoolers

Love solving riddles and mysteries?  Need something unique to entice the kids outside? Desperate to put phones & screens away for a while, so you can have quality family time?

Download and print your very own PuzzleTrails with everything your family needs to follow self-guided, mystery themed Sydney walks, with fun facts along the way.

Suddenly find yourself looking more locally for your entertainment? PuzzleTrails are a fresh adventure right on your doorstep. Think you know our amazing, beautiful, historic city well?  Our trails will get you exploring it from a different perspective, seeking out those nooks, crannies, and off the beaten track spots, searching high and low for clues along the way.

PuzzleTrails suit little kids and ‘big kids’ alike. Who says adults can’t have fun too!

Find hidden objects, unravel riddles and solve the mystery as a team.  A great activity that will keep the whole tribe entertained. It is educational, healthy and great fun.

Go on…be a detective today!

PuzzleTrails has different trail locations to choose from and there are three types of trail styles: murder mysteries, explorer quizzes and code breakers. 

Murder Mysteries
A heinous murder has been committed!  Who did it? And with what weapon?

Explorer Quizzes
Find and solve hidden clues in order to identify a famous Australian in the historic past!

Code Breakers
Top secret mission. A hi-tech crime is in progress and only you can save the day!

Trail pricing is for a single family, one off use. You can arrange pricing for extended family groups, birthday parties and educational or care groups.

For more information about the PuzzleTrails,  visit the website.