The Prenatal by Moode: Premium Vitamins For Your Pregnancy Journey

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Moode makes nutritionally formulated, scientifically-backed premium prenatal vitamins specifically formulated to maintain holistic reproductive health and support a healthy pregnancy.

The Prenatal by Moode

Moode was dreamt up in Naarm/Melbourne by founder Jess Rosenberg - a mother, social worker and maternal health advocate - who set out to offer a more inclusive and honest insight into the reproductive health conversation. She spent almost two years researching, formulating and crafting Moode’s first vitamins - The Prenatal by Moode -  testing out all products on herself while pregnant with her third baby.

The Prenatal by Moode is designed for wherever you are in your pregnancy journey.

The Prenatal by Moode

Benefits of The Prenatal by Moode

  • Contains nutrients which support a healthy pregnancy including Folinic acid and Choline
  • Supports placenta health and growth
  • Maintains healthy foetal development
  • Helps maintain healthy foetal CNS and brain development
  • Supports overall maternal health

Using only top-quality bioavailable ingredients, The Prenatal is as natural and clean as can be. The formulation is created to optimise metabolism and absorption and minimise nausea and gastrointestinal upsets. Read The Prenatal Ingredient Glossary to see exactly what every daily dose contains.

The Prenatal is vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy, sulfites, artificial flavours and GMOs. Plus it's tasteless, odourless, and comes in mini capsules for everyday fertility support that’s easy to swallow. It's also made right here in Australia.

The Prenatal is best taken 3+ months before conception, and right throughout pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. Taking a prenatal vitamin before trying to conceive supports egg health and maturation, and boosts maternal folate levels.

The Prenatal by Moode is $56 for 60 capsules - one month's supply - or you can save with a 3 Pack for $152.

Subscribe to The Prenatal

Remembering to take our vitamins daily is a habit that takes time to set. A subscription takes the pressure off because you’ll never be without your supply! To support this more organised you, Moode offers 12.50% off each bottle of The Prenatal when you subscribe.

Learn more about The Prenatal and try it for yourself at Moode.